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large fossil protozoan of the Tertiary period

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in this microfacies a subfacies has been identified, namely Nummulites /Orbitolites bioclast pelloidal packstone.
d' (1847): Extrait d'un Memoire sur les fossiles des conches a Nummulites des environs de Bayonne et de Dax.
a) Genus: Nummulites Lamarck The Genus Nummulites recorded in the Sakesar Limestone was identified into two species including i) Nummulites mamillatus and ii) Nummulites atacicus
The presence of large nummulites and lepidocyclinids represents that this microfacies took place in relatively deep water and was formed in the lower photic/oligophotic zone in the distal middle ramp [35,36,43,53,33,32, 30,50,56,11,48,9,10,57].
Nummulites test are radial hyaline, biconvex, planispiral invoulte form that reveal V-shaped cavities in axial section [5].
X X X X X X Filo Bryozoa Clase Gymnolaemata X X X X X X Framinifera plantonicos X X X X X X Miliolidos X X X X X X Lepidocyclina X X X Nummulites X Algae X X X X X X Oncoides X X X X X X Lithophylum X X X X X X Archaelithothamium X X X X X X Simbologia: P: Paleoceno.
Packstone de nummulites y pseudophragmina (MF4): Esta constituida por conchas de macroforaminiferos aplanado-delgadas con una relacion diametro/espesor mayor de 4 (Fig.
The Nammal Formation belongs to Innemeritic environments because it contains larger benthic foraminifera in large quantities as compared to Planktons and Nano-fossils belonging to generaLockhartia, Assilina, Nummulites, Alvolina and Discocylina which are characteristic of shallow carbonate platform environment.
Total 8 species of larger foraminifera were recorded including Alveolina Indicatrix Hottinger 1960 [1] and Nummulites djodjokartae Martin 1881 [2] (reported first time from Chorgali Formation of this area).
The upper part has yielded an assemblage that consist of Nummulites fabianii and species of Heterostegina, Calcarina, Pellistella, Asterocyclina, Austrotrillina, Amphistegina, Discocyclina and Operculina which suggests a Late Eocene (Priabonian) age.
Nummulites are samples of these creatures which expanded greatly and known as kings of carbonate platforms.
In the fossil record Alveolina is found in association with Nummulites and Orbitolites in the Eocene Jdeir Formation of offshore Libya representing a back ramp environment (Anketell and Mirheel 2000).
Definition: The range distribution between the first simultaneous occurrence to the last occurrence Nummulites globulus and Nummulites atacicus in Margallah Hill Limestone (136m) interval defines the lower and upper boundaries of this biozone.
Description des animaux fossiles du groupe nummulitique des Indes, prACopyrightcACopyrightdACopyrighte d'un rACopyrightsumACopyright gACopyrightologique et d'une monographie des Nummulites.