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in a numb manner


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The modern world continues to encourage individuals to excuse themselves from guilt and responsibility, to hope only to fulfill their own needs and to walk numbly into the future, letting all suffering and death fall into the forgetfulness of the past.
All I could do was numbly block and report, block and report," Laila writes in a blog post at the Tempest .
Numbly, she thought: it's another one of those stories.
Lewis's narrator also describes the numbly doomed Wither as one of those "So full of sleep [.
He stares numbly at passive faces a few yards away.
Numbly, watching the sands of another day slip through our fingers into the bleak, black abyss.
That tragically has been the case as political leaders offer little more than platitudes after each shootout, while the nation is left to numbly anticipate the next killing spree.
But these same people often become numbly indifferent to the plight of 'the one' who is one of many in a much greater problem.
Ray stared numbly at the scorched and smoked remains of their home.
At first I couldn't quite process the news, and sat numbly staring at the status.
He continued does this tell us about to stare at the screen numbly.
He was concerned only with his pain, and he fought against it numbly, almost hysterically, like a man grappling in the dark, pitching with his opponent down an endless flight of stairs.
Taunted as a "half breed," Virgil self-medicates and stumbles numbly through bizarre encounters with women, including his "wife" Agnes (Julia Jones) who leaves him, taking his rifle and electric razor.
Or as Kerouac says in "113th Chorus" of Mexico City Blues,"--you just / numbly don't get there" (113).