numbers game

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an illegal daily lottery

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The Numbers Game, following in the tradition of Moneyball, published a decade ago, and Soccernomics, re-issued with updated material in 2012, attempts to take this analysis a stage further.
You can use this to play our lucky numbers game to win a share of pounds 50,000.
Explaining the importance of the Senate's ongoing probe on jueteng, Enrile said that he and fellow politicians are interested in knowing where the proceeds from the illegal numbers game were going, where they were being deposited; if taxes were paid for earnings in jueteng; and if the Central Bank could use its power to identify the operators of jueteng.
The former Cypress High honor student is smart enough, though, to calculate the numbers game he is up against.
Hey it was nothing to do with me, life's just one big numbers game and if you roll the dice enough times you're bound to get a six'.
But if you have a numbers game where theoretically we can never compete in volume, we must give our students more than basic chunks of knowledge.
Dr Barnes said: "The studies into cannabis are usually a numbers game.
To them it's just a numbers game and as long as we keep creating jobs that's all that counts.
NUMBERS GAME With his model, Cisne estimates that the likelihood that a popular medieval text would have gone extinct between its creation and the present day is less than 7 percent.
Kudos to E Magazine for its important articles on population, especially "The Numbers Game.
But the renowned quality of BNC dancers is the result of more than simply a numbers game.
He blames the numbers game for most corporate calamities.
The numbers game is somewhat meaningful, but what's more important are the less quantifiable questions: Who's anticipating the problems of the future?
The numbers game started early April 30, when feminist Eleanor Smeal took the rally's podium and suggested that there were at least 750,000 people gathered, Several other speakers ran with Smeal's sum, although Washington, D,C.
A simple but clever numbers game - the burden of four beds looming over one - it is also a curious twist on the tale of the Princess and the Pea, wherein viewers, who might otherwise prefer to align themselves with the light and delicate princess, get a chance to identify with the legume.