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You can't take care of yourself, number one, without taking care of me, number one.
I did not intend to deride the wonderful discoveries which you have made, but it is only natural that we should both realize that Number One is not beautiful.
He thought rather highly of the number one companies that hailed from the theatre of which Mr Maginnis was proprietor.
Number One has had the misfortune to tread in the creosote.
My dear, just keep the rest of them in order while I teach Fresh Dog lesson number one.
Body number one, said they must take everything on trust.
In that room he found three gentlemen; number one doing nothing particular, number two doing nothing particular, number three doing nothing particular.
When I say number one,' pursued Mr Squeers, putting the mug before the children, 'the boy on the left hand nearest the window may take a drink; and when I say number two, the boy next him will go in, and so till we come to number five, which is the last boy.
For some time he followed closely a party of some ten or twelve roisterers; but from this number one by one dropped off, until three only remained together, in a narrow and gloomy lane little frequented.
They examine the door-posts of number one, seeking the name they want.
Boiled pork and greens and pease-pudding, for Number One.
He was on the brudge wuth me, an' I told hum tull take a look tull the wedges o' number one hatch.
In all my experience I have never yet met with the man who was Number One.
Haven't you come down here to see Number One before he goes on to Birmingham?
Take the stairs on your right; go up the first flight and knock at Number One.