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These findings suggest that breast cancer patients with a deficiency in Numb expression could become eligible for treatment with drags similar to Nutlin-3 that are in clinical development.
Because many dental professionals are unaware of numb chin syndrome and its links to serious underlying systemic conditions, unnecessary dental treatment may be recommended with little or no improvement.
Not that I knew of, but then again, my feet were numb.
It doesn't have the adverse effect of the numb mouth syndrome,' so patients are more comfortable and much more amiable to treatment.
Under the direction of Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Urban Bush Women's recent program, which included Vocal Attack, Hair Stories, "Shelter", and Batty Moves, encountered that difficulty, often leaving spectators numb with the intensity of it all rather than elated or inspired.
You can just type uninterrupted like a wild woman until your fingers go numb and your arms ache and you develop RSI.
So, rather than numb the entire body with narcotics, it bathes specific nerves with a precise amount of local anesthetic, a painkiller similar to, but longer acting than the numbing agent a dentist uses.
Having used alcohol as a tool to numb the pain of low self-worth and that feeling of uselessness, I became very toxic to be around.
Kwon's research group's first step was figuring out the role of two genes, Numb and Numbl, in CPCs, which others' studies had shown are needed for guiding stem and progenitor cells to their fully mature, specialized functions.
London, Nov 9 ( ANI ): Lady Gaga has admitted that she had previously become addicted to marijuana, in order to numb the pain of her hip injury.
Karlovic, who at 6ft 10in is the tallest player ever to have been ranked in the top 100, was at home in Miami when he woke with a numb arm and although initially released from hospital after an hour was readmitted that evening.
As detectives were given more time to question a 30-year-old man, the baby's family said they were numb with pain at the loss of their "darling little angel".
They struck gold with their take on Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb and Xavier - who has known the Sisters' Babydaddy, aka Scott Hoffman, since university - wants similar success.
Stand up for great seating - all you've got to lose is a numb behind
I felt this warm sensation flood over me, and then I went numb," says Judy, who is now 17 and asked that we not use her last name or picture.