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Synonyms for nullifier

an advocate of nullification

an official who can invalidate or nullify

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Due to the often subtle distinctions among holdouts, nullifiers, and nondeliberating jurors, a judge could dismiss a juror without knowing that the excused juror was a holdout.
In later sessions, when the administration reluctantly dropped the specie requirement in order to pick up Conservative votes, the Nullifier turned against the measure.
The Madison administration, in a manner comparable to Jackson's handling of the Nullifiers, sought, instead, to isolate the disunionists politically and militarily.
Health-care reform nullifiers taking us back to 1830s.
The sound nullifiers will cut out noise pollution from printers, passing traffic or chatting colleagues.
Hamiltonians and Jeffersonians fought over the scope of congressional power, Webster and Story squared off against the nullifiers, and Unionists and secessionists alike justified the Civil War--all in terms of an interminable debate over whether the states or the Union was originally sovereign, what the various events since independence might have done to the original arrangements, and (finally) whether individual states had the legal right to leave the Union.
He branded the Nazi oppressors of the Church in Germany as "the nullifiers and destroyers of the Christian West.
He suggests that it was this "singular history and political culture" that produced the rabid fire-eater proslavery advocates and nullifiers 150 years later.