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deprived of legal force


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On the above said grounds, the court nullified the notification to remove the elected body of the Board.
We have nullified the relationship of the boy and the girl and declared them as brother and sister.
After Martinez's touchdown was nullified, the Hunters (3-1) had to settle for Giovanni Gonzalez's 29-yard field goal and a 14-10 halftime score.
The State has nullified the legal ownership of the Armory and seized it from the veteran trustees," Chiappone said.
Sacramento, CA -- The California Supreme Court has nullified all "marriages" allowed by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newson between February 21 and March 11 this year.
But if there was smoking in the home, those advantages were almost completely nullified.
But on October 12, 2001, memo from current Attorney General John Ashcroft nullified any gains Freedom of Information advocates made from the Reno memo," Hotline said.
2523; however, when the power of appointment is terminated and the agreement is nullified, M's income interest will qualify for Sec.
Meanwhile, the plaintiffs also demanded the 2001 upper house election results in constituencies in the three prefectures be nullified on the grounds that the maximum disparity in the weight of a vote was about 1 to 5.
In effect, this nullified a 1996 Miami-Dade County policy requiring organizations using county funds or venues to sign an affidavit declaring they had no business dealings with any party in Cuba or with other organizations that did.
Later, northern juries nullified fugitive slave laws while southern juries nullified laws governing treatment of slaves.
His book does not review the relevant history, 1945 for example, when the French stole Vietnam's independence, or 1954, when the United States nullified the Geneva Treaty and negated the will of the Vietnamese majority.
The deterrent effect to others from engaging in similar conduct and the punishment to the wrongdoer for his conduct would be nullified if punitive awards can be insured.
MSX has also prevailed in its defense of its mining permit when a Federal Court of Appeals in Mexico City revoked the previous nullification of the MSX mining permit and nullified two earlier rulings in the case for various legal reasons.
CJP remarked if the current decision of the court is nullified then the law of confiscation of land by the state will stand enforced.