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Synonyms for nullification

Synonyms for nullification

the states'-rights doctrine that a state can refuse to recognize or to enforce a federal law passed by the United States Congress

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In this Article, I argue that a form of community nullification can and does occur in the interstices of pretrial procedures and criminal case outcomes in the form of community bail funds.
The story of jury nullification beginning in the post-Reconstruction South is familiar.
Altunsaray also pointed out that the nullification of the four questions on the exam will change the numerical value of each question, leading to discrepancies in the weighting of the different sections and, as a result, unfair calculations of the students' scores.
Those efforts didn't hold up under legal scrutiny, and neither will Missouri lawmakers' latest effort to seek the de jure nullification of federal firearms laws.
The effort to resurrect and formalize jury nullification in New Hampshire, which began in the early 2000s, has been the passion of Free Staters such as Cathleen Converse, Richard Angell, and John Connell.
So if the food movement in Vermont--which has done a lot in recent years to promote local farming and marketing--is ever to set up a truly independent and truly local agricultural system it will have to find a way to push back federal regulations and practices: that is, nullification.
Perhaps even more important, he is the ablest defender of the idea of government by consensus of all its members and the doctrine of nullification on which that form of government rests.
22 August 2011 - Latvian pharmaceutical company AS Olainfarm (RSE:OLF1R) said today that the District court of Riga rejected a claim by local rival AS Grindeks (RSE:GRD1R) for the nullification of the registration of trade mark MIDOLAT.
Nullification was a theory enunciated by both Jefferson and Calhoun in the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions of 1798.
well-educated and a fluid, personable writer, with this readable and well-footnoted account of the history of nullification as it relates to the relationship between the Federal government and the states.
are planning to file lawsuits with the Tokyo District Court in mid-January to seek nullification of the carrier's decision to dismiss them as part of its rehabilitation efforts, sources familiar with the matter said Friday.
In Nullification, the author of the bestseller Meltdown addresses the urgent questions: what is to be done if the (federal) government violates the Constitution?
Hon Hai spokesman stressed that despite the nullification of the ECB plan, the company still possesses sufficient fund to support various investment projects.