nuisance value

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the quality of an embarrassing situation


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If it costs $30,000 to obtain a patent, but even a plainly invalid patent has a nuisance value of $150,000, then the costly screen does not work.
One of the many 'Kilted Kiwis' to play for Scotland on ancestral grounds, his sheer nuisance value in the tackle area allows Scotland to stay competitive in games.
The entire scenario showcases the efforts of one individual who is capitalising on providing nuisance value to the authorities under the pretext of urging people to get rid of a corrupt government and lay the foundations for electoral reforms.
Given the expense of fighting such claims with no reasonable chance of recovering defense costs, a lawsuit abuse victim's only practical option is to meet the demand of a plaintiffs' attorney and to settle at the case's nuisance value to "make it go away.
And he was also denied a place in the 1966 European Cup Winners' Cup final having clinched their last-four victory over Celtic when, limping badly and thrown forward to provide nuisance value, he clinched swung the tie with a magnificent header.
Analysts, however, said a Congress victory could be a blessing in disguise for Yeddyurappa as the BJP might try to bring him back as he has proved his nuisance value.
rail and squawks, nuisance value only to this squawking mob--
And for all the rich people out there, the iPhone 5 has the best possible package - performance, premium build and a nuisance value that will be unmatched - keep it on the table at a party, and no one will bother arguing about which phone is the best
John Ryan, defending Rogers, who has 12 court appearances for 23 offences, including possession of a firearm while prohibited last year, for which he received a suspended sentence, harassment and breaching a restraining order, said: "The offending, no doubt extremely troubling, might at best be categorised as high nuisance value rather than anything else.
Nothing political, mind you, purely nuisance value.
Wood, remarkably, staggered back on to the pitch to try to be of some nuisance value on the wing but substitutes were not allowed.
Stead was the hosts' best performer on the day and his third goal in four games was reward for a display which saw him lead the line well and provide constant nuisance value to Cardiff's defenders.
But with the Barnsley fixture quickly rearranged and injuries biting somewhat, it's taken on a little bit of a nuisance value for Blues.
Given that despite his great combative spirit and nuisance value, Cahill has never been the type of marauding box-to-box midfielder, spraying about spectacular long-range passes and dictating the play from the centre of the park, fears have been increasing as to just what the 32-year-old might still have to offer at this level if his goals had dried up.
Not to mention his nuisance value as a bustling striker who happily takes the strain in attack.