nude statue

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a statue of a naked human figure

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1822: London''s first nude statue was unveiled in Hyde Park.
Scots-born David Mach admitted he was 'shocked' at the reaction of city councillors over plans to use the giant nude statue as a centrepiece of next year's celebrations to mark the centenary of the City Hall.
THE row over whether or not there should be a nude statue at the Calderdale and Kirklees hospital in Halifax is misplaced (The Mirror, February 1).
The 6ft nude statue of Hebe, who personified youth and vigour in Greek mythology, is worth pounds 100,000.
The bus passed right by a 15-foot replica of Michelangelo's nude statue ``David'' standing in a Shelton, Conn.
THE NUDE statue, which has caused huge controversy in Dublin's Botanic Gardens, has disappeared.
Last year, her life-size fibreglass nude statue of Marilyn Monroe was covered up by Malvern Theatre and later removed.
But last night, Shona, 34, who has a similar nude statue in the trendy Italian Centre in Glasgow, said: "Once they see it in place, they will calm down.
The worst photo op since Ed Meese released the Justice Department's anti-pornography report in front of a Greek nude statue.
The Battle of Waterloo was fought, at which Wellington defeated Napoleon 1822 London's first nude statue was unveiled in Hyde Park.
The largest banner, covering 260sq metres, is on the city centre Holiday Inn hotel opposite Lime Street station Meanwhile, Jacob Epstein's famous nude statue of David outside Lewis's store was decked out in a pair of specially-made Liverpool 08 Y-fronts.
1822: London's first nude statue - a bronze figure of Achilles - was unveiled in Hyde Park.
A darkened room housed goldpainted nude statues of the famous Venus of Willendorf, Venus of Dolni Vestonice, Venus of Yullyevich and
New York, May 30 ( ANI ): Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding's biggest decorative element was a giant gold box and headless nude statues, it has been revealed.
A parent in the Plano Independent School District, which has nixed plans to remove a humanities textbook that depicts ancient nude statues