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a constituent (proton or neutron) of an atomic nucleus

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Nucleonic Switch--Nucleonic (nuclear) technology uses a radiation source and a detector, mounted on opposite sides of the chute.
NDC Systems expertise was in nucleonic gauging systems for the extrusion, converting and paper industries, while Infrared Engineering offered world leading, high stability NIR (near infrared) instruments for the food, paper-converting, plastics, tobacco and other industrial processes.
Compliant with OSHA and FCC regulations, this device is said to be an environmentally and personally safe alternative to nucleonic switches.
While traditional NIR and nucleonic systems have always struggled to achieve this difficult measurement, NDC Infrared Engineering's technology still offers a reliable on-line solution for organic coatweights less than 20gsm This is because of optical interference which causes massive vanations in light levels and heavily distorts results.
May be used as a substitute for nucleonic transmission gauges where an alternative to the use of radioactive isotopes is required; complements NDC infrared sensors.
The second is the replacement of a float - used to control discharge gates - with nucleonic density gauge to give a much better measurement of bed density.
The nine medical centres, spread all over the country, are equipped with nucleonic instruments and undertake the diagnosis and treatment of malignant diseases, including cancer.
As yet, no single method has been found to provide a complete answer, but seismic, electrical resistivity, induced polarization, gravity and magnetic surveying, nucleonic, radiometric, thermographic and electromagnetic methods have all proven useful.
Charles Totel, President and CEO of ACT stated, "The terahertz technology is the next generation of sophisticated measurement sensors that are destined to eventually displace many nucleonic and x-ray sensor applications.
Tenders are invited for Supply of nucleonic level gauges and switches iocl gujarat refinery, vadodara
They ranged from immediate re-calibration of Marcy gauges or of nucleonic density gauges, to changes of spigot diameter, magnetite grade or operating pressure, or tightening control of feed medium density.