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having a nucleus or occurring in the nucleus

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Recently, our group [50] used iPP nucleated with [alpha]/[beta]-CNAs ([alpha]/[beta]-CNAs including the [alpha]-NA of 0.
It is noteworthy that in the previous model employing nucleated fluid (Model B), bubble formation was observed immediately during traction, whereas in Model C employing denucleated fluid, gas bubble formation was no longer evident early on.
Skoumal, Pospil, and Zboilova prepared an in situ nucleated semi-crystalline polyolefin via coordination polymerization.
How cells are nucleated and expand in the foaming process
SEM images of the fracture surface after tension of nucleated PBAT/PLA composite films without and with 7 wt% TDI based on PLA amount is illustrated in Figure 7.
A Body fluids contain a number of cell types, nucleated and non-nucleated cells (red blood cells).
Since CSF is a normal fluid for which reference ranges are defined, any increase in the nucleated cell count may herald meningitis, whether viral or bacterial.
As the metal cools, the nucleated crystals grow to form metal cells or grains.
The patient's bone marrow was hypocellular, with a nucleated cell count of 1.
The two-way transfer of nucleated cells between the mother and fetus is a phenomenon that is increasingly recognized to have important biologic and clinical implications (1).
In supercooling trials, these turtles nucleated at strikingly higher temperatures ([T.
MAUI, HAWAII -- Infants with early-onset neonatal seizures often have elevated levels of nucleated red blood cells, according to a retrospective study of births at Hutzel Hospital, Detroit.
These easy-flow materials are said to combine the stiffness of a highly nucleated polypropylene homopolymer with the transparency of a state-of-the-art propylene-ethylene random copolymer.
Despite their obscurity, the archaea constitute a third kingdom of life, alongside the prokarya, cells like bacteria that have no nucleus, and the eukarya, organisms with nucleated cells, which include all plants and animals.
Once "regarded as a sort of nucleated dialysis bag that lines the blood vessels," the endothelium is now known to play a more active role, says Gordon.