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having a nucleus or occurring in the nucleus

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It is more difficult to see the effect of flow on crystallization in a nucleated polymer than in a non-nucleated one at low shear rates, because the former already possesses a fair number of preferential nucleation sites.
now includes four nucleated grades for thin-wall injection molding.
This patent covers a method of enriching nucleated erythrocytes from other nucleated cells and from non-nucleated red blood cells,'' stated Dr.
Thus, deformation temperature has an unusually high influence on the deformation of nucleated PEIT copolymers.
Making a comparison of [beta]-phase content in the skin layers between pure PP bar and TMB-5 nucleated PP bar, the presence of TMB-5 in PP increases the [beta]-phase content slightly.
The addition of nucleating agent rendered the iPP crystallization in a single crystal form ([alpha] form), and all of the nucleated PP showed a simple melting behavior.
Amoco also has four developmental Accpro injection grades, including nucleated, clarified, antistatic, and long-term heat-aging versions.
For comparison, some samples of polypropylene B were nucleated with 0.
The fluid then flows to an accumulator equipped with a pressure-switch system that maintains a pressure of 175-200 psi on the nucleated material, allowing on-demand feed to any type of machine.
Nucleated POM was prepared using the following procedure: POM was air-dried at 80[degrees]C for 4h, and then the POM and the nucleating agent were mechanically mixed and extruded by a screw extruder at a rotary speed of 30 rpm.
And Chisso has a few nucleated HCPP grades of its own.
It is our purpose in this paper to make a systematic study of neat, particle nucleated and filled isotactic polypropylene under a range of cooling and processing conditions.
Bradley said the resin is nucleated and has a crystallinity comparable to standard PP grades.
The crystallization kinetics of virgin and nucleated polyamide 66 was investigated in non-isothermal and isothermal conditions, by use of DSC and high pressure dilatometry.