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form into a nucleus

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having a nucleus or occurring in the nucleus

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The existing research of nucleate pool boiling heat transfer on the metal foam cover focuses on pure refrigerant (Choon et al.
In presented research a nucleate boiling regime at low heat fluxes--partial nucleate boiling (PNB)--is treated.
The strong dependence of local heat transfer coefficients on heat flux, which is the feature of nucleate boiling heat transfer, is not shown.
the critical fraction solid is small, indicating that porosity nucleates before any significant interdendritic feeding problems can occur;
It is important to note that the two critical fraction values are not equal so the pores do not begin to grow at the same fraction solid as they nucleate.
Inclusions - even small ones - suspended in the aluminum bath interact with dissolved hydrogen and nucleate gas porosity during solidification.
3] and SiC inclusions in hypoeutectic Al-Si alloys nucleate pores, while in hypereutectic alloys the particle is engulfed in the primary silicon phase.
TIPS utilizes the phenomenon of nucleate condensation in parallel with the liquid vapor equilibrium of both water and CO2 to achieve complete particulate capture.
First, evolution of gas from the sample at the point of pressure reduction indicates contamination by non-metallics that heterogeneously nucleate precipitation of an unknown amount of dissolved hydrogen.
In foaming, depending on the temperature, the surface interactions and the local availability of gaseous molecules, bubbles can preferentially nucleate in the polymeric bulk (homogeneous nucleation, D), on the surface of the particles (heterogeneous nucleation, E) or on the surface of the crystalline phase (heterogeneous nucleation, F).
This specific additive, producing a high [beta]-phase content (6) (up to 98%), has the additional advantage of non-coloring of the matrix polymer, unlike another [beta] nucleate, Permanent Red E3B, which is a strong red pigment (9-12).
The addition of mineral and organic particulate to isotactic polypropylene has been found to both nucleate the crystallization and induce the occurrence of different crystallographic forms [12-18].
There is a narrow processing window, as the carbon dioxide wants to nucleate prematurely or come out of the melt solution," he says.
The aim of this investigation was to deduce whether or not white pigment particles could efficiently nucleate an otherwise un-nucleated resin and further enhance the rate of crystallization of an already nucleated system.