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general term for enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of nucleic acid by cleaving chains of nucleotides into smaller units

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AAVHSC Vectors Encoding Zinc-Finger Nucleases Mediate Efficient Targeted Integration at the Human AAVS1 Locus in CD34+ Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells -- Abstract #55 Session: Gene Editing and Gene Regulation I Oral Presentation -- Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Site-directed mutagenesis of the conserved residues in H-N-H motif in Usp showed that H-N-H motif was important for DNase activity of Usp, indicating that Usp is a member of H-N-H nuclease superfamily.
They used the same nuclease to zero in on an undamaged section of the CCR5 receptor's DNA.
In this research, commercially available anti-oxidants will be employed to examine the inhibitory effects of methionine oxidation upon the stability of staphylococcal nuclease, a well-characterized model protein.
All of these genes are potential targets for our ZFP technology, and it is therefore particularly exciting for all of us to have already achieved significant milestones validating the applications of our nuclease technology in plant agriculture.
Our purpose here was to evaluate the accuracy of pooled 5' nuclease allelotyping.
The 7900HT sequence detector also enables large-scale SNP screening, using the fluorogenic 5' nuclease assay.
Precision's proprietary Directed Nuclease Editor(TM) (DNE) technology enables the production of genome editing enzymes that can insert, remove, modify, and regulate essentially any gene in mammalian or plant cells.
This seminal invention is at the origin of most current nuclease-based precise gene editing technologies involving Zinc Finger Nucleases, TALEN , Mega-TALE, BurrH Nucleases, as well as CRISPR, which all are chimeric endonucleases comprising a DNA binding sequence and a DNA cleavage domain with a recognition site of at least 12 base pairs (bp.
BNA-NC also possesses great stability due to its nuclease resistant properties.
The model protein staphylococcal nuclease is used to explore the inhibitive effects of various known antioxidants on protein structural stability after the methionine residues are exposed to the hydrogen peroxide.
In this article, we demonstrate that Pb(II) and Fe(II), and to a lesser degree Cd(II), inhibit Ape1 nuclease activity, unveiling a novel molecular target for these environmental metals.
Allelic discrimination using the 5' Nuclease Assay with fluorogenic probes provides a rapid and sensitive method for detecting known mutants or polymorphisms (5, 6).
a leader in the field of genome engineering, today announced the publication of the first genetically modified mammals using Precision's Directed Nuclease Editor (DNE) engineered meganuclease technology.
New Brighton (Minnesota, USA) and Evanston (Illinois, USA) Cellectis plant sciences, a Minnesota-based company focusing on developing healthier food products, and the Two Blades Foundation (2Blades) today announced the execution of a non-exclusive cross-license agreement relating to TAL nuclease technologies.