nuclear winter

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a long period of darkness and extreme cold that scientists predict would follow a full-scale nuclear war

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The smog in Beijing is so awful that it has been compared to the "effects of a nuclear winter.
Years later when I began to write this story, that idea of a nuclear winter came back to me and I felt it would provide the type of scenario I was looking for.
After the Cataclysm, which resulted in nuclear winter, the last remnants of the human race fled Earth and sought refuge on space ships orbiting the planet.
A nuclear winter initiated by use of strategic nuclear arsenals of the superpowers would threaten human survival.
A nuclear winter would create dust clouds absorbing the sunlight, dropping temperatures, and damaging agriculture in wide areas of our country," she pointed out.
Marilyn is also one of the financial community's most respected fixed income securities experts and has written two books on the subject: Surviving the Bond Bear Market: Bondland's Nuclear Winter and Bonds Now.
Our neighbors braced for nuclear winter --a thousand cans in the
Those consequences would pale in comparison to the Nuclear Winter which would devastate the globe should the United States or Russia unleash even a small portion of their arsenal, Helfand said.
The shops have only slightly altered trading hours but it prompts us all to buy enough milk and bread to see us through a nuclear winter.
But as Rhys sings, "even through a nuclear winter, here comes Santa with his reindeer.
In his intriguing study of the Nuclear Winter (NW) phenomenon, Lawrence Badash invites the reader to focus on the complex intersection of popular understanding of science, its political facets, and the ongoing debate among scientists about the theory's validity.
To say that the silence which followed was icy is like equating a nuclear winter with a bit of light cloud cover.
If Rooney goes, and United stick to their financial strategy, a great club will enter a nuclear winter.
Other famous computer disasters have been even more serious, nearly bringing the world to the brink of nuclear winter.
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