nuclear reaction

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For the same neutron flux, you can have a much smaller detector yet still count the same number of neutrons coming in because of the high density" of boron atoms for nuclear reactions, said McGinnis.
To trigger a nuclear reaction inside a reactor, a speeding neutron collides with the nucleus of a uranium atom.
But they accidentally put too much uranium in the tank, setting off the nuclear reaction.
The network has eight internal papers showing the results of tests on the reactor that, it claims, reveal defects in the mechanism that controls the nuclear reaction.
This nuclear reaction releases huge amounts of energy, including light and heat.
They would decide on the weapon's size, the materials to be used in its construction, and the exact process for how to catalyze its nuclear reaction.
The graphite bricks help sustain the nuclear reaction and play a vital part in maintaining the core's structural integrity.
It was of such intensity (heat per unit volume) that only a nuclear reaction could be the source.
In what experts call the world's worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl, dangerous levels of radiation leaked from a uranium processing plant, creating an uncontrolled nuclear reaction that exposed 19 people to radiation poisoning and forced the evacuation of hundreds living near the factory.
Radiation levels near the plant shot up to 10,000 times normal after three workers triggered a nuclear reaction.
The 310,000 people living within a six-mile radius were told not to leave their houses as fears remained that a powerful nuclear reaction could be simmering at the uranium processing plant.
carried out Wednesday its third subcritical nuclear test -- a controlled nuclear reaction terminated before it reaches the critical heat which causes an explosion -- since the CTBT was adopted by the United Nations in 1996.
Billings said: "There must be a nuclear reaction going on in The Goose, but where is it getting the energy?
With the nuclear lightbulb, charged particles from the nuclear reaction excite a gas such as argon or xenon, both of which emit light in the ultraviolet range.
When the issue of environmental pollution due to improper disposal of nuclear waste was brought up, Sunder explained that nothing in a nuclear reaction was a waste and the leftover uranium could first be treated and preserved and then re-used.
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