nuclear fuel

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fuel (such as uranium) that can be used in nuclear reactors as a source of electricity

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The deals will see TVEL delivering zirconium constructive elements for fuel road arrays, additional batches of nuclear fuel for the Tianwan NPPs reactor N1 and additional fuel road arrays for the second power unit.
Ukraine transports spent nuclear fuel for reprocessing and storage to Russia, paying $150-200 million annually for the service.
Iran has said it needs its nuclear fuel industry with all its centrifuges in order to make enriched uranium for the growing number of nuclear power plants.
TVEL was established in 1996 to improve the management of nuclear fuel cycle enterprises and it consolidates conversion, enrichment and fabrication facilities, gaseous centrifuges development and production plants as well as specialized R&D centers.
aIt demonstrates that the EU is serious about taking measures to improve its energy security through a diversification of its nuclear fuel sources.
Nuclear fuel assembly, uranium, conversion, enrichment and fabrication market sizes from 2006 to 2014 and forecast up to 2025
He added that research should include studies of the various radioactive materials released from damaged fuel during a core-melt incident, as well as a thorough examination of how nuclear fuel interacts with fresh water and seawater.
Nuclear fuel rods are tubes containing pellets of enriched uranium that provide fuel for nuclear reactors.
Shri G V S Hemanth Rao, Outstanding Scientist & Deputy Chief Executive (Fuels), Nuclear Fuel Complex has vast experience in fabrication of enriched and natural uranium fuels used in Boiling Water Reactors (BWRs) and Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors (PHWRs) in the country.
Accord is well-positioned to become a significant market force as it aligns long-standing and proven market players in a way that drives new levels of integration and efficiency in the nuclear fuel cycle.
The contract will cover nuclear fuel deliveries to the Loviisa power plant until the end of the lifetime of both units.
has 48,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel sitting at dozens of locations across the country.
THE INTERNATIONAL Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is offering Internet access to some nuclear fuel cycle related databases and a simulation system for long-term projections of nuclear fuel cycle material and service requirements.
North Korea claimed in April 2003 that it had nuclear weapons and that it had nearly completed reprocessing of 8,000 nuclear fuel rods.
The study, based on the recent DOE environmental impact report, forecast that Nevada-bound trains and trucks carrying spent nuclear fuel and other radioactive materials could move along a variety of routes through Southern California east through the San Gabriel Valley and San Bernardino and Riverside counties to Nevada.
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