nuclear fuel

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fuel (such as uranium) that can be used in nuclear reactors as a source of electricity

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Table 2: Global Nuclear Fuel Processing Market Size, $bn, 2009-2020 9
The geological disposal of spent nuclear fuel is also analyzed by key markets of US, Canada, France, Japan, Sweden & Finland and Switzerland.
aIt demonstrates that the EU is serious about taking measures to improve its energy security through a diversification of its nuclear fuel sources.
the spent nuclear fuel from INPP will be placed into the containers;
He added that research should include studies of the various radioactive materials released from damaged fuel during a core-melt incident, as well as a thorough examination of how nuclear fuel interacts with fresh water and seawater.
Nuclear fuel rods are tubes containing pellets of enriched uranium that provide fuel for nuclear reactors.
There are major advantages associated with an international exchange and transfer of knowledge for managing radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel," says Kjell Westerberg, Vice President and responsible for SKB International's initiatives in Canada.
Accord is well-positioned to become a significant market force as it aligns long-standing and proven market players in a way that drives new levels of integration and efficiency in the nuclear fuel cycle.
Japan Nuclear Fuel said last week it has confirmed that some 5,200 liters of water containing radioactive materials has leaked from a storage pool at the facility since last July and that the water is still leaking.
Atomic Energy Ministry spokesman Yury Bespalko also named Finland and countries in eastern Europe as potential ''clients'' in the Russian nuclear fuel recycling program, Interfax said.
The question of how to clean up radioactive dust and nuclear fuel inside ChornobyI's damaged reactor has yet to be answered.
That morning, radioactive gas gushed into the air from a nuclear fuel factory 110 kilometers (70 miles) northeast of Tokyo.
The cancellation last week of contracts to recycle nuclear fuel from Japanese reactors spells the death knell for the troubled plant, said the Green party's Trevor Sargent.
So instead of producing all of that nuclear fuel in our own facilities, Neff reasoned, why not buy a portion of it from the Russians.
nuclear power plants used 540 tons of nuclear fuel to generate electricity.
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