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a family consisting of parents and their children and grandparents of a marital partner

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4:49 Kritika Narayan: Living in a nuclear family does not mean plunging into isolation.
The non-Hispanic white and the non-poverty families are the leading families in the traditional nuclear family category.
Also, a choice (was made) between the new family when the adult male child married and decided that for some reason he couldn't sustain a relationship with his parental family and have his new nuclear family.
1992) suggest that the nuclear family is absent among some Maya groups in the south of Mexico; Beckerman and Valentine (2002) resurrect the Victorian fantasy of 'group marriage' in a creative rendition of the Amazonian materials; and a batch of our colleagues imagine a 'deep past' where, once upon a time, the nuclear family was barely a glimmer in the eyes of pre-capitalist/pre-misogynist men (Allen et al.
Part 2, "Shakespeare's Nuclear Family, " examines his wife, children, sons-in-law, and grandchildren (57-100).
They say this is the oldest molecular genetic evidence of a nuclear family in theworld.
But Labour are right not to judge how people live their lives - especially in a day and age where the traditional nuclear family is no longer the norm.
There's long been a movement towards living in community with others as an alternative to the nuclear family model, but in modern times 'ecovillages' have emerged around the world, adding attention to sustainability and social interactions to the model.
Once the purview of European history, where the rise of the nuclear family was linked to industrialization, the emergence of the bourgeoisie, and the rise of various disciplinary bodily practices, this volume demonstrates the ways in which concepts of the family can be understood on the Indian subcontinent in the early modern world.
The capitalism so beloved of 'family values' conservatives--the same capitalism that is so friendly to radical individualism--is by its very nature inimical to the nuclear family.
Yet the Tofflers also predict a radical transformation of society and the way in which we live, with the nuclear family eroding due to the constant move to faraway cities in search of work and a better future.
After the more traditional marriage arrangements of the 1950s and 1960s, when the nuclear family was celebrated as the core of society, religious conservatives became alarmed in the 1970s and 1980s with the rise of legalized abortion, birth control, and cohabitation.
Nicholas is the son in a nuclear family that consists of two morns, Jo and Erin.
As if that wasn't scary enough, a survivor from the stranded party must venture into the mutants' home village of the damned, where the whole notion of nuclear family comes in for quite wicked and very painful-looking satire.
Indeed it would seem that the "good old days" of the nuclear family has gone by the wayside.
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