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Installed in the gallery's first room, Restzeit (The Rest of the Time You Have Left; all works 2015) implied temporality most explicitly, in its imperfectly traced outlines of brown nubbles suggestive of excrement and frothy pink vestiges of material experiments at the center of a field of tufted cushions on a beige support.
Her other TV roles included Betty Hackforth in ITV drama Miracles Take Longer, Marjorie Stoneway in Watching and Mrs Nubbles in a 1979 adaptation of The Old Curiosity Shop.
Nell's friend Kit Nubbles and a mysterious Single Gentleman (who turns out to be the wealthy brother of Nell's grandfather) attempt to find them but are thwarted by Quilp, who drowns while fleeing the law.
When Kit Nubbles, their only friend, and the grandfather's brother finally locate them after a long search, Little Nell is dead; her grandfather dies shortly thereafter.