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the quality of being noxious

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The unadventurous pesticides show noxiousness to the surroundings and injurious effects on human health.
The support policy would have to be flanked by a strengthening of the steering function of the wastewater charge (regarding the noxiousness of parameters other than MP) with an increase in revenue to generate the necessary funds.
In the minds of the disrupters, it seems, the sparrow nuisance and the noxiousness of suffragettes were indistinguishable, and it is possible that such a connection (but without its negative connotations, of course) was also in play as Mary daydreamed of "sparrows and colours" during her suffragist committee.
Millions of Indians, who were waiting to exhale from December 16, are experiencing the release of a noxiousness that wracked them like a distemper for months.
97) With this many users, it is reasonable to conclude that if the international community could reach a consensus about the moral noxiousness of any drug control policy, the repression of marijuana would likely be it.
in the area of biodiversity: not only species have to be protected which usefulness is more or less determined, but a future-oriented responsible society can only suggest an irreversible extermination of species if their noxiousness is determined with certainty (e.
He used two curves: one representing the declining value of goods as more goods are acquired (utility curve) and the other representing the increasing noxiousness of labour as more work is done (the drudgery curve).
While there is a lack of some essential parameters specifying the level of noxiousness of some materials, the effect of air pollution on human health is often evaluated statistically by epidemiological studies.
The critical state of the risk (E) depends on the probability (P) and noxiousness (L).
said team leader Alex, a man whose own noxiousness makes e-coli look like the mild sniffles.
However, when this gallotannin, a polymeric phenol, is attacked by tannase produced through enzymatic activity by native plants and rhizospheric microbes, toxic gallic acid is produced and released in the root zone, exacerbating the invasive Phragmites' noxiousness.
Besides, fuel consumption and noxiousness depends on engine working conditions (Kraujalis 2002; Air .