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the period during which you are a novice (especially in a religious order)

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However, Scollen failed to complete his noviciate and his departure gave rise to additional scandal and rumours.
24) Though many priestesses evidently inherited their office, ties of kinship might also be adoptive and all served a noviciate before officiating at rituals, for which services they were paid, reference being made to their rich attire, jewels and wealth.
More of a legacy was McNally's establishment in 1921 of a permanent noviciate for English-speaking Ursulines.
The projecting west wing was demolished, retained buildings were adapted for secondary purposes, such as the kitchens and the noviciate, and the principal elements of the new Abbey - the Refectory, Library, Chapter House and Sacristy were contained in purpose-built ranges organised round a quadrangular cloister placed hard against the original entrance front.
Those born in the decade following the plague's disappearance, and later intending to follow a monastic life, might have been expected to enter the noviciate in the first two decades of the eighth century.
Her `conversion' to the Catholic faith came at the age of fifteen when she claimed to have received a mystical message, and from that moment on, she expressed a firm desire to enter the noviciate.
Austen has earlier ironically represented Jane's tendency to see herself in the role of Gothic heroine: "With the fortitude of a devoted noviciate, she had resolved at one-and-twenty to complete the sacrifice, and retire from all the pleasures of life, of rational intercourse, equal society, peace and hope, to penance and mortification for ever" (165).
Father Cherubim (Vincent Mazzini) of Castel San Pietro Terme was born on 22 January 1831, entered the Noviciate of the Capuchin Province of Bologna at Cesena on 8 September 1847, was professed the following year and ordained at Imola on 12 January 1854.
In the early part of this century it was bought by the religious order who added a third storey to and used it as a noviciate.
The abuse was carried out by a cleric at a junior noviciate school in England were Gabriel went as a vulnerable 11-year-old.