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a shop that sells miscellaneous articles appropriate as gifts


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Ensor lived a bachelor life (his family forbade him to marry the one woman he loved) and for many years had his studio in the attic above the family novelty shop.
Accents and Petals Crafts and Accessories, a novelty shop selling flowers made from recycled wood and paper
A third statue was spotted in Los Angeles outside of the Soap Plant & WACKO novelty shop.
Washington, Feb 9 (ANI): A drive-thru adult novelty shop in the US has come up with a new promotion called Guns for Toys, which offers customers sex toys in exchange for guns.
A NOVELTY shop pervert was yesterday given a lifetime funfair ban and barred from using cameras to stop him preying on kids.
I doubt he'd start with his "interest" in form, point blank, as what gets him out of bed, but neither would he prioritize grooving to the sometimes contradictory currents of Sturtevant, Billy Al Bengston (color as space, vernacular as history), and Fecteau (poetic rigor) over possibly testing the aesthetic potential of Spencer's Gifts (the "adult" novelty shop specializing in the black-lit paraphernalia of stoner eroticism), fabric and glass arts, or the low-key cool of surf culture (coral, pastel beach stones, killer airbrushing) and its mum, soulful atmospherics.
The `Corpy' bought the world famous novelty shop The Wizards Den.
The 500 comic cards were probably the unsold stock from a seaside novelty shop.
Mr Heath uncovered the cache of mint condition postcards at his home, probably left over as unsold stock from a seaside novelty shop, but now being sold by a Colwyn Bay auctioneer.
It is also marketing the former premises of card and novelty shop The Locker Room, in Yarm High Street.
William James Tsangares, owner of a Hollywood novelty shop, carried a wad of cash and a picket sign with foot-high red letters that read: ``Recall Arnold'' and, on the other side, green lettering that proclaimed: ``Save Democracy.
We vacated a wholesale/retail novelty shop on the ground floor and demolished the store and lobby, which we replaced with a larger, more elegant one.
Judge Gabriel Hutton was baffled when he heard that James Beard had stolen the cuffs from a novelty shop in Gloucester.
THE ICONIC novelty shop Tickles is back, with a new flagship store opening at SM Megamall this September.
CAMPAIGNERS told of their fury last night after it emerged the "responsible adult" working alongside a child sex offender in a novelty shop was also a convicted paedophile.