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a short novel


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Indeed the serialization of deception and provocation characterizes the novellas that constitute the life of the Schalk (trickster), Till Eulenspiegel.
Both novellas deal with insecurity and death, and Halliday draws connections between the two seemingly disparate stories in many ways.
Part of the military's willingness to tolerate TV Globo's new leftist writers was a shared vision of a modern, rapidly growing, more inclusive but capitalist Brazil, which was the military's ultimate goal, arguably more important than censoring political comments in novellas (Ribke, 2011).
The four novellas in this new book --her tenth collection of novellas alone are all set to give readers the spooks.
As the novellas progress, the backstories become more similar, with each player having to decide whether or not to put their needs first over the will of the bloodlines' training.
The second novella is entitled Three Times at Dawn, and it is just possible that its author is Jasper Gwyn, under another name.
All Bookxy novellas are uniquely illustrated by some of the most renowned artists from today's pop culture including Dennis Calero, Roger Huyssen, Mark Maddox, Derek Riggs, Mac Sasso, Adam Shaw, William Stout, Jeroen ten Berg, Carolos Valenzuela, Mike Vosburg, Tony Washington and Bob Wynne.
Introduction: Zayas's Prose, a Feminine World" lays out biographical information, and "Women's Alliances and the Frame 'Sisterhood'" (1) examines women's friendships within novellas from each collection.
99 and the remaining four novellas in the ARENA series will follow at two-monthly intervals.
Health workers in the state engaged community stakeholders in developing a 48-episode radio novella that was broadcast on a local Spanish-language radio station, according to a study published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Preventing Chronic Disease journal.
Originally published as independent editions, the novellas were reprinted in miscellanies, a type of publication somewhat akin to magazines in which all manners of texts--novellas, poetry, sample letters, etc.
Mona Houghton's debut consists of two novellas that delve into the chaotic lives of characters, their desperation, and the resulting messiness.
Novellas in their early form of romans were, as their name suggests, romances.
analysed the fantastic elements in Hoffmann's novellas, in
Of woman by woman; two erotic novellas from Ming China.