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converting something into the form of a novel

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I wrote the official novelization for Arkham Knight, based on the upcoming video game, and had a ball doing it.
38) Grady Hendrix, "Pulp Fiction: In Appreciation of Movie Novelizations," Film Comment 47, no.
Having as a starting point the same basic dichotomy announced by Wolf, the schemata proposed by the author reveals three major subcategories of intermedial construction: medial transpositions (adaptations, novelizations and so forth), media combinations (opera, film, theatre)--this category is perfectly overlapping Wolf's overt intermediality and the last category, the one that interests us, in particular, intermedial references, in the case of which "the media product uses its own media-specific means, either to refer to a specific, individual work produced in another medium <.
The topics include form and function on musical adaptations of The Pickwick Papers, the discipline of tears in The Old Curiosity Shop, David Copperfield's Magdalene on the Victorian stage, A Tale of Two Cities and the Daguerrean imagination, the original tale of Dickens' clerk, and novelization and clashing chronotypes in Our Mutual Friend.
The Smurfs Movie Novelization, by Stacia Deutschy and Rhody Cohon, pounds 4.
Early Pleasures" is a novelization of Frederick Kohner's own escapades as a young man who is driven by his lust and desires to have love, fearing no one will love him for who he is, instead taking it anyway he can.
Both her morning and afternoon classes had recently finished reading a junior novelization of "The Tale of Despereaux" by Rhode-Island children's author Jamie Michalak.
His 2005 book State of Fear was, in effect, a novelization of a speech he delivered at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club in 2003.
Alan Dean Foster's novelization describes the gradual emergence of the creature:
While working on a novelization of the director's latest film, The Godless Girl, she wrote to Prina that the talkies were "creating quite a revolutionary effect in the industry and productions are being held up pending the formation of new policies taking this element into consideration.
In doing so, it seeks instances of, in turn, genre blending, intertextuality, novelization, open-endedness, carnival, chronotope, and character zone.
The production company wanted an author (or as they put it, a "real writer") to do the novelization of the movie.
Writer Sharp, a Scotsman, clearly saw the movie as a vehicle to puzzle through the American enigma (though his novelization betrays a more heavy-handed critique of both character and society) as he had done with his script for the revisionist western and Vietnam allegory Ulzana's Raid for Robert Aldrich.
Anakin's greatest virtue is his greatest flaw,'' says Matt Stover, who wrote the novelization of ``Sith'' for Lucas.
15) Meg Tasker considers The Bothie as a "prime example of the novelization of English poetry in the nineteenth century" and demonstrates the parallels between Clough's poetics and the dialogic structure of the novel.