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Synonyms for novelisation

converting something into the form of a novel

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Publishers Random House, who predicts the original book will re-enter at number two in the children's best seller list, are also releasing 11 tie-in titles based on the 1957 children's hit, including a junior novelisation of the film and 'The Cat in The Hat Movie Story Book' featuring photographs from the movie staring Mike Myers.
Even Tony Wilson has encouraged this by writing the novelisation of the film rather than his own version of events.
Smith; novelisation of David Bowie movie of the same name 7) Extreme Rock (1987) by Ken Wilson and Bernard Newman; from the Great British Rock Climbs series 8) The Big Greed (1966) by Kenneth Giles; hardboiled crime thriller set in the U.
It was slightly strange because usually a film is an adaptation of a novel but this is a novelisation of a film script.
On the day before Thanksgiving, three new blockbuster films open - 'Timeline' based on Michael Crichton' s best seller, which is re-released in a new cover; Disney's 'The Haunted Mansion' which is based on a theme park ride and comes with a junior novelisation from Random House; and 'In America' an independent movie garnering rave reviews and awards, which comes with a book tie-in written by the director Jim Sheridan and his daughter.
As Coogan bemusedly but rather proudly observes, Tony Wilson has actually written the novelisation of the film about his life.
Among other things Llewellyn is also responsible for the novelisation of Torchwood.
Of course, for those more enamoured with the film than the original short text, Puffin has also published a novelisation of the movie (pounds 3.