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replace with something new, especially an old obligation by a new one

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The Orange GSA schedule and all other existing contracts will novate to the new company, as will all Orange employees.
SPA termination provisions must take into consideration: * Whether contracting entity is a single asset project financed entity; * Whether damages are payable for unexpired portion of SPA in the event of a repudiatory breach by such entity; * Where buyer contracting entity such as an IPP has an investment agreement/PPA containing a host government obligation to buy out IPP upon termination, seller must ascertain: * If it can secure access to any part of termination payment or if the host government entity will be obligated to novate the SPA; * How the termination and cure procedures in the PPA, including lenders' rights, will interact with performance/termination of the SPA.
19, 2013, RBS will novate all rights, liabilities, duties and obligations to BONY under the respective ISDA Master Agreements and the Credit Support Agreements and Annexes (CSAs) on the transactions listed below.
Judges praised the set for being "innovative despite external commercial pressures", referring to the recent successful launch of the notfor-profit, referral company NoVate Direct Legal Solutions.
to settle or novate this debt, have not as yet reached a successful