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a star that ejects some of its material in the form of a cloud and become more luminous in the process

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We're getting a little boy from an orphan asylum in Nova Scotia and he's coming on the train tonight.
Yes, of course," said Marilla, as if getting boys from orphan asylums in Nova Scotia were part of the usual spring work on any well-regulated Avonlea farm instead of being an unheard of innovation.
Alex King's well-known style and the happy couple left for their new home in Nova Scotia.
He went over to Nova Scotia to visit his relations--his father had come from Nova Scotia--and he wrote back to Leslie that his cousin, George Moore, was going on a voyage to Havana and he was going too.
The Nova Scotia Moores investigated, and found she had got to Havana and discharged her cargo and took on another and left for home; and that was all they ever found out about her.
To the eyes of his matter-of-fact companions, the aspect of these coasts recalled rather the parceled-out land of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and where the Frenchman discovered traces of the heroes of fable, these Americans were marking the most favorable points for the establishment of stores in the interests of lunar commerce and industry.
Lyell and Dawson found carboniferous beds 1400 feet thick in Nova Scotia, with ancient root-bearing strata, one above the other, at no less than sixty-eight different levels.
I have made the acquaintance of another one of the crew,--Louis he is called, a rotund and jovial-faced Nova Scotia Irishman, and a very sociable fellow, prone to talk as long as he can find a listener.
Brazil's bossa nova jazz movement began in the 1950s and became popular in the United States after an entourage of Brazilian musicians performed it at Carnegie Hall in 1962.
Dominique Labrunye, Director of Process and Equipment Engineering at STMicroelectronics, Crolles, said, "The exceptional performance of the Applied Mirra Mesa system with Nova integrated metrology has shown capability to increase the productivity of our dual damascene copper CMP process.
Kepler was accused of sloth by one of Tycho's heirs, Franz Gansneb Tengnagel van Kamp, and the state of Kepler's research allowed him to quickly produce the Astronomia nova and the Astronomia pars Optica as a response (two of the most important scientific works of the seventeenth century).
Nova has commercialized new ultra-low-pentane technology that helps EPS molders meet environmental regulations on VOCs.
McKenzie adds that Tourism Nova Scotia will be talking with TIANS (Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia) and industry operators about rearranging schedules and offering potential visitors alternatives to Metro Halifax.
the new nova--a Milky Way outburst dubbed Nova Cygni 1992--has lasted longer than many such flare-ups, which typically fade from view in a few days.
Rail service is essential to the Canadian economy and the strike is beginning to impact our customers and our business," said Chris Pappas, Chief Operating Officer of NOVA Chemicals.