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a school of French cooking that uses light sauces and tries to bring out the natural flavors of foods instead of making heavy use of butter and cream

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Fie was a band leader of nouvelle cuisine, reinventing French cuisine.
Menon, in his cookbook aimed at women, La cuisiniere bourgeoise, and Marin, in Les Dons de Cornus, which launched the nouvelle cuisine, stressed that rigorous technique and attention to detail were the keys to producing excellent food consistently.
For dessert, I had a pumpkin pie and pecan, which turned out to be a nouvelle cuisine type dish of a mousse dome sitting in and tastily contrasting with a crunchy chocolate shell.
It was only recently that new generation chefs in France developed Nouvelle Cuisine, which simplified cooking.
beaucoup moins que]La nouvelle cuisine espagnole[beaucoup plus grand que], ces ateliers, permettront aux amateurs de la gastronomie de connaEtre davantage les recettes des plats tels que le [beaucoup moins que]tartare de betterave[beaucoup plus grand que], inspiree de la cuisine traditionnelle et dans laquelle on a introduit de nouvelles techniques.
It may not come with a smile, but the state-of-the-art service on show in north-east China brings a new dimension to contemporary notions of nouvelle cuisine.
Next morning, it was straight downstairs to a hearty cooked breakfast, with generous portions - certainly not nouvelle cuisine.
We are in the fourth or even fifth episode of the nouvelle cuisine.
His ethos is to produce hearty food that guests can tuck into with gusto - no nouvelle cuisine and fiddly foams here.
WHEREAS mushroom enhance any meal, from nouvelle cuisine to traditional down-home cooking; and
He said: "To start with, nouvelle cuisine originated in the Seventies, so that wrecks that argument straight away.
But the cooking is nouvelle cuisine, with rather stodgy local dishes adapted to demand for lighter food.
Okay, it was the era of that most pretentious of culinary tortures - nouvelle cuisine.
Food that was almost lost before to nouvelle cuisine, is now back and so popular.
I also like serving them with creamed chicory - an idea taken from a master of nouvelle cuisine back in the 70s, Michael Gurard - or a dish from my friend at the Walnut Tree, Shaun Hill, with a coriander and lentil sauce.
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