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Antonyms for nourished

being provided with adequate nourishment


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Those that would stand still of their own will were milked in the middle of the yard, where many of such better behaved ones stood waiting now--all prime milchers, such as were seldom seen out of this valley, and not always within it; nourished by the succulent feed which the water-meads supplied at this prime season of the year.
Thus he drew his misery around him like a regal mantle, and looked down triumphantly upon those whose vitals nourished no deadly monster.
Horrible love--horrible antipathy--embracing one another in his bosom, and both concentrating themselves upon a being that had crept into his vitals or been engendered there, and which was nourished with his food, and lived upon his life, and was as intimate with him as his own heart, and yet was the foulest of all created things
It is my diseased self-contemplation that has engendered and nourished him.
And again she bore a third, the evil-minded Hydra of Lerna, whom the goddess, white-armed Hera nourished, being angry beyond measure with the mighty Heracles.
In "The Nourished Belly Diet: 21-Day Plan to Heal Your Gut, Kick-Start Weight Loss, Boost Energy and Have You Feeling Great" Tammy draws upon her years of experience and expertise to present an impressively 'reader friendly' guide and reference that includes an extraordinary number of holistic recipes that include entries for breakfast, salads and sauces, veggie sides, entrees, and 'sweet treats'.
Offering sun-protection for hair with Mexoryl SO, it forms a light protective film to keep it nourished in the heat.
Morn always told us that carrots nourished our eyes.
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