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Antonyms for nourished

being provided with adequate nourishment


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A small column of smoke rose through a chimney of sticks, cemented with clay, along the side of the rock, and had marked the snow above with its dark tinges, in a wavy line, from the point of emission to an other, where the hill receded from the brow of a precipice, and held a soil that nourished trees of a gigantic growth, that overhung the little bottom beneath.
That this lovely woman," continued Baglioni, with emphasis, "had been nourished with poisons from her birth upward, until her whole nature was so imbued with them that she herself had become the deadliest poison in existence.
If passions are born and nourished, as they say, under the influence of romantic causes, never did so many circumstances of that kind concur in uniting two young souls by one and the same sentiment.
The river itself, which nourished the grass and cows of these renowned dairies, flowed not like the streams in Blackmoor.
Little by little it became the scene of his real life, of his only rational activities; thither he brought the books he read, the ideas and feelings which nourished him, his judgments and his visions.
The bridegroom was a prosperous son of the same suburban soil which had nourished both families for generations.
You next see them precipitating themselves upon young and vigorous Europe, which has nourished them for the last two thousand years.
The matter was simple; Claude Frollo had taken him in, had adopted him, had nourished him, had reared him.
It nourished itself until Cheyne Walk was reached upon half a dozen grunts and murmurs.
The Vincys' house, with all its faults, was the pleasanter by contrast; besides, it nourished Rosamond--sweet to look at as a half-opened blush-rose, and adorned with accomplishments for the refined amusement of man.
Marcus Aurelius used to say: 'A man should leave the world as a ripe olive falls from the tree that bore it, and with a kiss for the earth that nourished it.
Where there had been one sickly weed before, I nourished two healthy ones.
Long experience had taught him that he fights best or travels fastest who is best nourished, and so, with few exceptions, Tarzan could delay his most urgent business to take advantage of an opportunity to kill and feed.
A HEN finding the eggs of a viper and carefully keeping them warm, nourished them into life.
Now upon New Year's Day, when the service was done, the barons rode unto the field, some to joust, and some to tourney, and so it happened that Sir Ector rode unto the jousts, and with him rode Sir Kay his son, and young Arthur that was his nourished brother.
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