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a phrase that can function as the subject or object of a verb

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1] expansion words form noun phrase expansion word set of [q.
Furthermore, a few kinds of non-genitive noun phrase can function as specifier (e.
a) Word series which are not appropriate for noun phrases
Thus an important lexically encoded parallel between the semantic structures of Estonian verb and noun phrases will be demonstrated.
Note the structure of my utterance--two clauses, the first involving a predicate claiming factivity, and the second a subordinate content clause involving an equative predication where the subject is a noun phrase naming an entity in the environment, the main verb is an equative or copular is, and the complement of that verb is a noun phrase describing or characterising the entity named by the subject.
The linear organization of descriptive and discourse-referential modifiers is investigated in more detail in Section 4, which focuses on the degree to which NP-internal ordering patterns reflect the organization of modifiers in the layered model of the noun phrase (ICONICITY).
I have presented these examples at length to show that in the Fijian Bible 'mana' is used with far greater frequency in noun phrases, and as a noun denoting the homonymous food manna, than it is used as a verb.
Ablative: Ablative case is a form taken by a noun phrase to express a range of locative meaning 'from'.
These are demonstrative pronouns followed by a noun phrase, such as these new policies.
As a general rule, anything that is quickly turned into an acronym (as in CRM for "customer relationship management") is probably a noun phrase and almost certainly an abomination that you should make your personal cause to stamp out.
The new American Heritage Book of English Usage (1996) sets things aright, while-wise: "People often confuse the adverb awhile with the noun phrase a while.
The meaning of "left" is further clarified by noting that "plane" rarely modifies the noun "left," so "the plane left" is not a plausible noun phrase.
It delivers a broad range of analytic capabilities including language identification, segmentation, lemmatization, noun decompounding, part-of-speech tagging, sentence boundary detection, noun phrase analysis, and entity extraction.
refinement based QA system will search pattern like the 22nd President of the US is <NP>, the 22nd President of the US in document collection and instantiate <NP> with matching noun phrase.