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a phrase that can function as the subject or object of a verb

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The noun phrases the slope, white stones, and the moon were analyzed as concrete, while the colour-blind night was counted as abstract.
If a noun phrase refers to an entity that is already known, it is expected that it will not occur in existential contexts, whose purpose is to assert the existence of an entity and introduce it for the first time.
Tables 3 and 4 show the distribution of the phenomenon in our data depending on whether a noun phrase, a pronominal or an adverbial appear in between the matrix verb and the object infinitive.
A bidirectional study on the acquisition of plural noun phrase interpretation in English and Spanish.
1] expansion words form noun phrase expansion word set of [q.
More specifically, the paper will analyze the noun phrases characteristically displayed by EU legislative texts originally written in English in comparison to their official Romanian translations.
In English, verbs come immediately after the first noun phrase, while in Hindi they come at the end of the sentence, for canonical structures.
Furthermore, a few kinds of non-genitive noun phrase can function as specifier (e.
This noun phrase in turn is likely to be followed by a verb phrase, "[[Un gouminet].
In linguistic terms, verbs often specify actions, and noun phrases the objects that participate in the action [7].
For the current research Summers (1992), Webber (1984) and Sinchlair, (1995) have been consulted for clarity in the definitions; and in case of ambiguity, the general frequency of joint usage is used to decide whether an item is a compound or a noun phrase.
noun phrase with postposition "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII](wa),"
This article argues that adnominal modifiers in a layered model of the noun phrase can be divided into two major subcategories: descriptive modifiers and discourse-referential modifiers.