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Synonyms for nought

Synonyms for nought

a mathematical element that when added to another number yields the same number

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Noughts & Crosses premiered at the LBT last night and runs until Saturday.
Providers may allow new purchases the nought per cent rate for up to three months before they are bumped into APRs which can be quite high.
I know that the DH would like to see a seamless service from nought to 19, with children of all ages getting the early intervention and the public health input they need, but I'm not sure how they think that is going to happen.
If you look at my tweets to Warney, I was always driving that car whether I got nought or 220.
We also wanted to be part of something tangible like the school programs," said Tracey Sawyer, principal and creative director of Nought Collective.
Then Nicky Peng was lbw to Fleming for nought, with captain Nick Speak following to leave Durham 100 for seven.
And in 10 years from now, I am certain he will be a happier man than the one who used those years just to put another nought in the bank.
Second, it will set down annual real price increases (known as K factors), which Standard & Poor's believes at best will rise moderately, but more likely will remain stable depending on the final P nought outcome.
The tourists never recovered properly from nought for two - Cook and his opening partner Craig Kieswetter both went for ducks - in an inadequate total of 237 all out.
To score more first-innings runs 5-6 Cook v Trott 5-6 8-11 Strauss v Watson Evs 5-6 Watson v Hussey 5-6 Blue Square Strauss first-innings runs: 11-10 nought to 30, 11-4 31 to 60, 7-4 61 or more; Cook: 11-10 nought to 30, 11-4 31 to 60, 7-4 61 or more; Trott: 11-10 nought to 30, 11-4 31 to 60, 7-4 61 or more; Hughes: 8-11 nought to 30, 11-4 31 to 60, 11-4 61 or more; Watson: 11-10 nought to 30, 9-4 31 to 60, 15-8 61 or more; Clarke: 19-20 nought to 30, 11-4 31 to 60, 2 61 or more; match specials: 7-2 Clarke to score century in either innings, 11-2 England to win by an innings, 6 Clarke to score nought in either innings, 10 Australia to win by an innings, 25 Clarke to topscore for Australia in both innings, 33 Trott not to be dismissed in the match.
To test associations between daytime and nighttime sleep duration and subsequent obesity in children and adolescents, the researchers studied 1930 children aged nought to 13 years in 1997, and again in 2002.
She said: "I think it's stupid giving people tickets for doing nought miles-per-hour.
The new Abbey Credit Card, offering nought per cent on balance transfers for 15 months, nought per cent on purchases for three months and a highly competitive ongoing APR of 15.
99 Sephy and Callum are best friends and have been since their childhood, but society makes their lives impossible because Callum is a white nought and Sephy is the daughter of a powerful black Cross, the ruling class.
When Sephy, the young daughter of a Cross, falls for Callum, the son of a Nought, violence breaks out.