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Synonyms for notify



Synonyms for notify

to impart information to

Synonyms for notify

inform (somebody) of something

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Govinda Sandi, 24, of Clifford Bridge Road, Walsgrave, was convicted in his absence of failing to notify the DVLA of a vehicle transfer.
The administering entity will review the reasonableness of the firm's explanation and notify the firm in writing whether a scope limitation in the peer review report is required.
Media Contact: Justin Harris Notify Technology Corporation Tel: 330 702 3070 X 331 jharris@notifycorp.
We have to pay triple what we used to pay and the EIDC doesn't notify people properly.
In other words, an arresting or detaining official must notify the foreign national of the right to have the individual's nearest consular officials notified of the arrest or detention so that the appropriate foreign official may visit and assist.
At the same time, however, it is relatively easy for taxpayers to notify the IRS of address changes and thereby help avoid costly litigation.
Aqua Notify will help us inform our customers faster in case of an emergency, a temporary water disruption, or other situations that affect their service," said Aqua President Tom Roberts.
Contacts: At Notify Technology Corporation: Jerry Rice - Chief Financial Officer Phone: 408-777-7927 jrice@notifycorp.
Second, the ruling allows the taxpayer to (1) notify the QI two to three days after the purchase of replacement property and (2) provide a form in advance to participating selling dealers that contains an assignment of rights to the QI.
The company did not notify the school district because it is not required to, Tartaglia said.
Supervisors at the fallen officer's division quickly assemble and assess data on the next of kin to develop the most expeditious, yet compassionate approach possible, subsequently dispatching personnel to notify these individuals.
When a designation is made during the term of a lease or sublease, the lessor must notify the tenants within 30 days after being notified in writing of the designation by the Commission.
A literal reading of the act would require Illinois accountants retained by public companies to know of, identify and notify every potential reliant third party across the country.
Notify Manages Internet Access Usage, Enables Upselling of Premium Bandwidth Services, and Displays Custom Ads in Guest Web Browsers to Enhance the Overall Guest Experience
The UTAH Public Service Commission (PSC) selects Alden Systems' Notify (TM) software as the state's electronic notification system (ENS)