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requiring that official notification be given

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The bill refers to notifiable disease as a disease that by legal requirements, must be reported to public health authorities.
CDC has redesigned the data and statistics section of the NNDSS website to be a one-stop shop where users can find both detailed information about the notifiable disease data and links to the weekly and annual data.
It is not yet notifiable in Wales but Hybu Cig Cymru said the summer show season offers the potential for spread.
The most notorious notifiable disease is foot and mouth disease which reeked havoc during the last outbreak in 2001.
Finally, there are a large number of other 'system failure' markers that are not notifiable, including drug stock-outs, needlestick injuries, antibiotic resistance, and even health staffing levels.
Notifiable disease reports, required for sexually transmitted diseases, E.
Probably in response to the alarm bells that went ringing when Mumbai reported 'total drug-resistant TB cases' the government has taken the step to make TB a notifiable disease.
By registering, subscribers will receive alerts on up to five notifiable animal diseases - foot-and-mouth disease, bluetongue, avian influenza, Newcastle disease and classical swine fever.
But six per cent, around 500 personnel of the 8,500-strong force, refused to take part in the controversial Registration of Notifiable Memberships scheme despite being asked to by Chief Constable Hugh Orde.
The databases used for the present analysis include 22 years of records from a local malaria reference center in Montreal, Canada (the McGill University Centre for Tropical Diseases [TDC]) and up to 13 years of quality assurance and notifiable disease surveillance databases of the provincial and federal governments of Canada, France, India, Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
Since August 5 this year, the two parasites have been on the list of notifiable diseases in the EU (see European Report 2797), meaning that outbreaks must be reported by bee-keepers.
Birmingham GP John Crosland said he felt the number of isolation beds in the UK was insufficient to cope and said Sars should be made a notifiable disease.
accurately the extent of the sickness because it was not classified as a notifiable disease, writes Rodney Masters.
MINISTERS were last night weighing up the need to declare Sars a notifiable disease,giving them sweeping powers to detain suspected sufferers to stop the virus spreading.
Ministers must act now and make SARS a notifiable disease to give people the maximum warning of impending danger.