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Antonyms for noticed

being perceived or observed


References in classic literature ?
He seemed to have grown thinner since the morning; his eyes seemed larger than usual when he glanced round and noticed Pierre.
She noticed a letter in an envelope, and a few cards which looked (to her judgment) like visiting cards, among the bank-notes which he had turned out on the table.
No, I've not noticed it, maman," said Kitty, flushing hotly.
Hitherto I had noticed the backs of his hands as they lay on his knees in the firelight, and they had seemed rather white and fine.
For the most part they were a good deal younger than Philip, smooth-faced boys of eighteen, but there were a few who were older than he: he noticed one tall man, with a fierce red moustache, who might have been thirty; another little fellow with black hair, only a year or two younger; and there was one man with spectacles and a beard which was quite gray.
For 1) if the quarrel between the brothers were a fiction, we should expect it to be detailed at length and not noticed allusively and rather obscurely -- as we find it; 2) as MM.
The slight signs of animation which Anne had noticed in her when they last met appeared no more.