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in a noticeable manner

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In a comparative study, the Internal Security Force (ISF) announced on Sunday that criminal activity in November was noticeably lower than in October 2009 and November 2008, daily AN NAHAR said Monday.
Most men have one testicle noticeably larger than the other.
A popular actor known for his portrayal of a gay persona long before Ellen, Rosie, or "Will & Grace", Lynde dared to sneak doses of slanted wit into American living rooms during a noticeably more straight-laced era than today.
Her facts are meticulous, her observations thoughtful, and her stance is noticeably balanced yet sympathetic to all concerned.
Parents everywhere are sure to see their own experiences reflected in the good-natured humor of the stay-at-home "I prefer to think of it as twenty-five years of maternity leave" mother and well-meaning father with noticeably less stamina around babies at maximum volume ("How come when you look after the kids it's 'parenting' but when I look after the kids it's 'not working'?
I attended the event with two ex-Zero legends and we cheered on the new guys, including Whittier's Tony Cervantes, as they dismantled obstacle after obstacle with traditional Zero fury, but with a noticeably more eclectic attack pattern.
Changes to look for: #A change in size, it may be that one breast has become noticeably larger or noticeably lower.
Nothing in this volume will resolve current debates among Lutherans about bishops and ministries (in fact, Lutheran perspectives are noticeably absent), but for that very reason these essays may be salutary reading for anyone seriously interested in the study of the church as a concrete community of the gospel.
In most of the poems, the effect of grammar--mostly as words and syntax--shifting into glamour is partly, most noticeably, achieved by the appearance of French words and phrases.
No one really knows how Che would react to having upper-middle class and noticeably whiter students spending their hip years being communists before they settle down to become bankers, economists or lawyers.
Noticeably absent from the show were the works from the '80s for which Mullican is best known.
Sheldon reports, "Her students did well but mine did noticeably better,"--5 percent to 8 percent better.
Wear and tear on forklifts and other equipment is noticeably decreased because of handling 25 percent fewer bales.
The IPO price represents an observable market transaction that is considered high quality evidence of fair value on the date of the IPO, and the company may be required to provide support for its determination of the noticeably lower fair value used to record compensation expense at the earlier date.
The absolute advantage of continuous production is said to be the variable finished product dimension and the noticeably lower number of operating personnel required.