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the property of being easy to see and understand

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I have framed my discussion with Eisner's four qualities of the educational connoisseur: perceptibility, noticeability, discerning features, and uniqueness.
These, along with the organization's reputation, form some of the major factors why noticeability is a critical characteristic for the success of employer branding (Moroko & Uncles, 2008).
Residents Monday night had questions about notifications and the noticeability of the blasting, and continued to voice concerns and skepticism over how parking and traffic in the neighborhood would be affected.
LED-lit racks draw attention to the confections, increasing the noticeability to drive purchase of a highly profitable category," he says.
Its location - facing onto Sheikh Zayed Road, between Emaar Business Park and the entrance to The Greens residential community - is probably only surpassed by the huge Al Habtoor City site further down the road in terms of noticeability - either from the city's busiest thoroughfare, Sheikh Zayed Road, or from the packed Metro trains which tootle past both.
A stylised text unit, created for proposition and placed against the red band, to ensure its immediate noticeability.
95) The answer is simple enough: after the abolition of slavery, prominent Caymanians continued to adhere to ideas that privileged the necessity that blacks remain in positions of inferiority; in the Cayman context, this necessity was not essentially determined by the anti-social nature of a local combustible blackness, but, rather, by the prevailing racism of the age that, in its "enlightened" state, preached that blacks were in need of moral redemption, yet worked tirelessly to undermine the progress toward any such redemption, an ethnocentric posturing made all the more destructive given the noticeability of its invested imperative to help blacks.
This may increase the noticeability and effectiveness of health warnings and messages, prevent the package from detracting attention from these, and address industry package design techniques that may suggest that some products are less harmful than others.
Females also shared perceptions that unique height generally was related to noticeability.
If likeability drives noticeability then the aggregate sum of favorites, likes, positive comments, retweets and sharing can be used as a KPI for brand noticeability.
Media frames are the salient features of an issue to enhance noticeability, meaningfulness, and memorability (Entman, 1993), that help the public shape particular ideas on an issue (Entman, 1991; Iyengar, 1991; Reese et al.
The report consists of seven separate studies which, taken together, respond to the overarching research goal: "to identify one plain packaging design (color, font type, font size) that would minimise appeal and attractiveness, whilst maximising perceived harm and the noticeability of the graphic health warnings" (Parr et al.
This paper considers a minor if not fleeting detail from Marcel Proust's A la recherche du temps perdu which easily escapes noticeability though it is a signifier that reverberates with and, in fact, repeats the extremely well known epiphany of the Madeleine, though by way of an extremely muted parody that I doubt a reader would notice if he or she had not stopped to examine it.
The new rear monolithic angular shaped tail lamps give the profile an unmistakable noticeability for following cars.
And since Darwin's rebuttal to his rational design argument falls short because of circularity, (31) coupling his experience of design with his belief that "most sentient beings [enjoy] an excess of happiness over misery," leads to the conclusion that relationship between divine noticeability and divine concealment in nature leans markedly in the direction of a Deus revelatus.