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extinct marine reptile with longer more slender limbs than plesiosaurs and less completely modified for swimming

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Nothosaurus giganteus is a large nothosaur found in the upper Muschelkalk and the lower Keuper (in Anisian, Ladinian and Carnian levels, i.
2004) suggested that the nothosaur vertebrae from several outcrops of the Keuper of Manzanera (Teruel) probably belong to Nothosaurus.
2004): A new nothosaur from Middle Triassic of Guizhou, China.
Placodonts and nothosaurs are known from Riba de Santiuste-Tordelrabano (26) and Rillo de Gallo (27) (Guadalajara) localities (Alafont, 1999).
Remarkable are the classical localities of Bienservida-Villarodrigo (Albacete) (36) (Alafont, 1992) and Siles (Jaen) (38) (Niemeyer, 2002) where ichthyofauna, nothosaurs, placodonts, pachypleurosaurs and possiby Tanystropheus, have been discovered.