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Synonyms for nothingness

Synonyms for nothingness

the condition of not existing

empty, unfilled space

Synonyms for nothingness

the state of nonexistence

empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk

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In Void: The Strange Physics of Nothing, physicist and philosopher James Owen Weatherall explores how physicists' beliefs about nothingness have changed over several revolutionary periods.
The reason that the Giocatore Nero wins the match is because he shows that if the eternal Principle defended by the Giocatore Bianco exists, then nothingness must necessarily be subject to it: Se esiste l'Eterno, il nulla dovrebbe esserne il suddito (Severino, 2015: 176).
And, eventually, God himself, for Cioran puts it: "All without God is nothingness and God is the supreme nothingness.
Simplicity, he says, is paradoxical, complexity unproblematic, and nothingness self-contradictory.
The concept of nothingness informs Nishida's view of death, which clearly contrasts to a general Western view of death.
Nothingness and desire; an East-West philosophical antiphony.
He considers himself as the essence of nothingness.
Its explicit relation to nothingness has often been underplayed, and partly, due to Heidegger's own contradictory writings, mystified.
A FROZEN sea of nothingness as dismal Danc ing On Ice went back to school and we learned that nobody likes Anthea Millicent Turner.
Anyone who has ever felt that Trisha Brown's dances go by too fast and slippery, like eels through jelly, and that they have no sides, so that substance is forever spilling into nothingness, making you feel a little ill--anyone who has ever felt these things, as I have, should see Brown's hard and beautiful new work, Newark.
2012 is 2, which is the last and only even number of the prime numbers in descending order, as one is neither a composite nor a prime number hence after it follows nothingness or zero.
McCulloch teamed up with the Manics on the song Some Kind Of Nothingness from their 2010 Postcards From A Young Man album.
Simon Pegg, Sarah Millican, James May and Jonathan Ross help Brian show how diamonds are made up of nothingness.
Waiting brings up the existential theme of nothingness that occupies both texts.