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Synonyms for nothingness

Synonyms for nothingness

the condition of not existing

empty, unfilled space

Synonyms for nothingness

the state of nonexistence

empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk

References in classic literature ?
But suddenly there was the sharp report of a firearm, and another of Professor Maxon's unhappy experiments sank back into the nothingness from which he had conjured it.
If ever I came nearer to abject cowardice, I do not recall the instance; and yet it was not that I was afraid to die, for I had long since given myself up as lost--a few days of Caspak must impress anyone with the utter nothingness of life.
Afterwards all these impressions blended into one nothingness.
There were among them those whose fondest desire was to drag the rider in the sand and spring upon him and mash him into repulsive nothingness.
And when the last trump sounds, and Sonoma Mountain and all the other mountains pass into nothingness, that old slide will be still a-standing there, held up by the roots.
And he was destined, as time went by and the conviction that Captain Kellar had passed into the inevitable nothingness along with Meringe and the Solomons, to love just as absolutely this six-quart steward with the understanding ways and the fascinating lip-caress.
The Wall Street* group turned the stock market into a maelstrom where the values of all the land crumbled away almost to nothingness.
An hour had elapsed ere that archangel's trump had subsided into tonal nothingness.
The recoil of the butt into the pit of the man's stomach had not been the most sanguinary result, for the charge of shot, at a distance of a yard, had blown the head of one of the debaters into nothingness.
People have their own deaths as well as their own lives, and even if there is nothing beyond death, we shall differ in our nothingness.
Her spirits rose considerably on beholding these goodly preparations, and from the nothingness of good works, she passed to the somethingness of ham and toast with great cheerfulness.
Here, a candle lit in its nothingness goes out, humbly, at its source, beckoning flame.
Dilworth illuminates a great variety of philosophical ideas, often in binary pairs requiring subtle distinctions--for instance, perspective and worldview, knowledge and understanding, transcendent and transcendental, universal and property, a priori and analytic, a posteriori and synthetic, emergence and reduction, existence and being, being and nothingness, identity and difference, paradox and contradiction, and, at its core, simplicity and complexity.
This God is absolute, immanent, omnipresent, and "absolute nothingness.
Nothingness and desire; an East-West philosophical antiphony.