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writing paper intended for writing short notes or letters

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He tossed over, as he spoke, a crumpled sheet of foreign notepaper.
It was unusually thick, quite unlike ordinary notepaper.
The following words were written upon a sheet of the Holland House notepaper in the same peculiar coloured crayon.
On opening the envelope, he had discovered, to his astonishment, that it contained nothing but a blank sheet of notepaper.
It contained a half-sheet of notepaper, which I unfolded with a queer sense of dealing with the uncanny, but with- out any excitement as people meet and do ex- traordinary things in a dream.
Back to school buys FILOFAX NOTEBOOK THIS Notebook allows ruled, plain and squared notepaper to be easily added, removed or repositioned, and comes with a moveable coloured index with pocket, page marker and pack of refills.
The competition will see residents design a logo which will eventually be used on headed notepaper and on the centre when the building is completed.
The letter was written on Kensington Palace-headed notepaper to landmine campaigner Dilys Cheetham to thank her for her work in Bosnia.
The sickeningly chummy note, addressed to "BBC security friends" and signed with his customary smiling face drawn inside an expansive J at the start of his name, was scrawled on notepaper from Stoke Mandeville hospital where he was a fundraiser.
The statement issued on official headed notepaper accused the pop star of bullying, alleged she exaggerated her contribution to the African nation and had demanded VIP treatment.
The letter was reportedly typed on Clarence House notepaper and signed by the Prince in Arabic.
But when he sent a letter on Seanad notepaper, he wasn't doing it as a friend.
We were waiting on something to come back from Schalke and then it got into the press that it had moved forward but we got a fax from Schalke on official headed notepaper to say he wasn't available at any price.
Khalid Mahmood, who represents Birmingham Perry Barr, last night admitted he supplied petty thief Mozam Aziz with a reference on House of Commons headed notepaper.
The first to arrive were two boxes of notepaper and pencils sent to Ben Neely, resident engineer, from a friend in the States.