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writing paper intended for writing short notes or letters

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She was thinking all the way up Southampton Row of notepaper and foolscap, and how an economy in the use of paper might be effected
She snatched a sheet of notepaper from the case; hesitated, and threw it from her on the table.
Lady Chiltern's handwriting on Lady Chiltern's pink notepaper.
It was unusually thick, quite unlike ordinary notepaper.
On opening the envelope, he had discovered, to his astonishment, that it contained nothing but a blank sheet of notepaper.
Ann, 77, got a prompt reply on House of Commons notepaper from Tory MP David Ruffley - and was pleasantly surprised when he said he AGREED with her.
As well as using Coca-Cola headed notepaper, Oliver gave Freudiger an email which claimed Coca-Cola would pay pounds 3million to the driver.
A CIVIL servant yesterday admitted using official government notepaper to print off internet porn.
If a limited company is carrying on the business, again the notepaper must make this clear.
Ordnance Survey mapmakers were wondering what to call it when a letter, on official South Yorkshire Police notepaper, arrived recommending the new name.
And when he became PM he wrote again on Downing Street notepaper.
It was claimed the threat was honed with notepaper headed with the paramilitary organisation's name in Irish Gaelic - Oglaigh na h-Eireann - and its nom de guerre signature "P O'Neill".
Gareth Roach, 31, from Cardiff, printed some of the pictures on official notepaper at the Patent Office in Newport where he worked.
The handwritten good-luck note on party notepaper was sent to Labour candidate Chris Mole, standing in today's Ipswich by-election.
PE co-ordinator Phil Mellen said: ''We will be able to include the FA's Three Lions Charter Mark on our headed notepaper and it also means our teachers can access FA training packages.