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a pad of paper for keeping notes

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notepad agency - non-profit organisation based in Brighton, United Kingdom
He turned back to his notepad only to discover that his pencil had run amok and left deep scratches up and down the length of the page that crisscrossed the words and pinned them to the square of paper, closing them off as if putting them behind bars.
Donald McDuckie A pen and notepad wouldn't do the job of a tablet.
Officers discovered "more than 10 sex toys along with underwear and clothing" as well as the notepad detailing the shifts.
As an EDI educator with EDI partners, and an implementer of EDI technology, I have used and recommended EDI Notepad to over 30,000 students over the last several years as a valuable tool for viewing and editing EDI files by both technical and non-technical staff," said Gary Beatty, President of EC Integrity, Inc.
It's not that these elements are designed badly - that leather notepad really does look like leather - it's choosing to use such designs that is wrong.
One Direction Stationery Set Featuring the hit boyband One Direction, this stationery set contains a pencil, sharpener, ruler, eraser and notepad.
MakeMusic has also released Finale NotePad 2012, free music notation software that enables users to create, play and print sheet music.
The line offers a variety of unique, hard to find school supplies, including sophisticated academic calendars and day planners, exclusive folders and notepads, bright markers, highlighters and pencils, quirky erasers, rubber stamps, funky backpacks and lunch boxes for every taste.
The Moleskine Tablet Cover has a traditional paper notepad on the right side of the open cover, and the iPad is on the left.
For decades I've found the ideal medium to be an A4 sized wirebound notepad, bound along the top (short) edge--just like the familiar, but smaller, reporter's notepad and I now have several filing cabinet drawers full of them.
The EKING S700 is the world's first e- notepad with dual-mode input technologies of resistance touch control and electromagnetic induction touch control with built-in 3G function.
Worldwide Computer Products News-14 July 2010-New rugged notepad to be available from Juniper in Q4 2010(C)1995-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Work and Pensions Secretary Yvette Cooper and Chief Treasury Secretary Liam Byrne were at a Press conference with Schools Secretary Ed Balls in London when a photographer snapped a comment on her notepad that read: "It's clearly second division today - presumably that's why we're allowed to do this.
The small notepad, the medium notepad and the conference folder in this Limited Writers Edition Thomas Mann series are respectively restricted to 200, 350 and 450 items, limited to 1.