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an entry in a notebook

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Sometimes Weil engages explicitly with previous articulations of this view in Christian and other traditions, as in her discussion of the Heraclitean fragment cited earlier, or the notebook entry where she copies out and analyzes the translated liturgy of the Tibetan tcheud ritual, a meditational visualization in which practitioners offer their bodies to be consumed by gods and "starving demons.
In a 1985 notebook entry, North recorded a weapons purchase by the contras, with U.
In an early notebook entry, Nietzsche remarks that science (Wissenschaft) struggled with wisdom in the ancient Greek philosophers.
It also manages templates - for a single Notebook entry or all the forms, documents, slots, and protocols structured for a complete experiment - set up using form-based tools, but stored and versioned as OWL ontologies and contents packaged in XML.
In a notebook entry made after the disaster, he described how he "scrambled and crawled" over a pile of people at the front of the pen to get to a space on the terrace.
Working from a 30-page notebook entry of Guthrie's, Browne and Wasserman wrote the music for "You Know the Night.
The reason I know they issued the ASBO because of my location of birth (South Shields) and/or because of my choice of car, is that today I received a copy of the attending officer's PDA "Electronic" Notebook entry.
The English Notebook entry identifies this young woman (like Miriam in The Marble Faun) with Judith and Rachel, and thus underscores her Jewishness ('her nose had a beautiful outline, though I could see that it was Jewish too' (English Notebooks, p.
A notebook entry reads: "My body practicing being dead.
Notable features include a test-refined user interface, a drag-and-drop notebook entry editor tool and stored stoichiometry formulas with relational updating capabilities.
He told the court he hadn't filled in a pocket notebook entry about the events.
Meissner overlooks the notebook entry which stipulates, from the outset, that Isabel is to be `ground in the very mill of the conventional', James going on (as he conspires, metatextually, against readers of whom he was less fond than Meissner supposes) to salivate over `the art required for making' Isabel's `delusion natural' (The Notebooks of Henry James, ed.
Retired inspector Mr Humphries was asked why there was limited reference to drunken fans in his pocket notebook entry for the day.