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a small compact portable computer

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The Stylish Actius MC24 is a fully equipped notebook computer that provides comfortable computing and substantial performance.
Additionally, Sonata is the only battery designed to match the lifespan of a notebook computer.
Word processing is by far the application most used on notebook computers, followed by spreadsheet applications.
Toshiba's Portege R400 is the world's first notebook computer to incorporate Microsoft's Active Notifications, which allows users the ability to synchronize their e-mail inbox and calendar events, whether the notebook is on or in suspend mode.
This year, the production value of Taiwan's notebook computers will drop 6.
has introduced two new ultraportable notebook systems, the NEC Versa DayLite and Versa UltraLite notebook computers.
Players can choose to try and win an XPS(TM) 1210, Inspiron E1705, E1505 or E1405 notebook computer, and a skin from the 75 college logos and other colorful designs available.
Versa notebook computers are ACPI compliant and are shipped with only the operating system and critical software pre-installed.
We are excited that Lenovo, one of the leading notebook computer manufacturers, is helping to pioneer the use of small, trusted fingerprint sensors to provide advanced security for their newest PCs.
PortalPlayer develops semiconductor, firmware and software platforms for portable multimedia products such as personal media players and secondary display-enabled notebook computers.
The combination of these technologies enables notebook computer manufacturers to introduce a PMD for notebooks that is Always On and links to the programs and data stored on the main system.
As notebook computer sales continue to outpace desktop units, the promise of broader adoption of wireless technologies -- including GPS, Bluetooth, local area networks and next-generation wide-area wireless technologies, such as EV-DO and HSDPA -- will provide significant opportunities for Panasonic partners to engage with a proven and trusted technology provider.
a trusted provider of light-weight, high-quality notebook computer cases and accessories, announced today that it has launched a new company website at www.