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your right in a promissory note in which the maker promises to pay a certain amount of money at a certain time

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This decision was made on the grounds that the process of originating the loans is tantamount to acquiring a note receivable (the loan) in exchange for services rendered (the process of originating the loan).
The Company received $200 million plus accrued interest and intends to use proceeds from the note receivable to fund general corporate obligations.
Noting that the Sunburst note receivable has been a source of concern for the company's lenders, Wall Street and the investing community, Charles A.
1999 1998 Revenue $ 16,637 $ 15,041 Expenses 18,435 17,105 (Loss) from operations (1,798) (2,064) Equity in income of partnerships 56 35 Gain on sale of real estate and note receivable 152 5,616 Net income (loss) $ (1,590) $ 3,587 Earnings per share Net income (loss) $ (.
25 per share; allowed Magnum to sell an additional 40,000 shares of restricted common stock; Magnum collected a cash payment of $50,000 and collateralized the remaining balance of its note receivable ($262,500 plus interest) with real estate.
Fred Zeidman, Chairman of Emerge Capital, commented, "We have purchased the stock of Kipling Holdings, which currently owns the Hilton interest and has a $900,000 note receivable with the option to convert it into an additional five percent ownership in the Hilton.
On February 6, 1994, the Company exercised its rights pursuant to the terms of a note receivable and repossessed the Richmond, Virginia Fuddruckers restaurant.
Included in net income reported for the second quarter of 1993 was a $550,000 pre-tax charge for the write-down of a note receivable and reserve for possible future lease obligations, both related to the 1989 sale of a non-Hamburger Hamlet restaurant.
The net purchase price for these transactions was approximately $40 million, including approximately $31 million in cash and a $9 million note receivable.
The company has decided to write off the balance of a note receivable on Tulsa hotel real estate sold last year, after giving consideration to the deteriorating performance of the property.
Another concern addressed in Fitch's ratings is some potential for further non-cash allowances on the Folksamerica note receivable.
6 million, as well as a general partnership interest in a mortgage note receivable portfolio collateralized by leased commercial property with an appraisal value of $17 million subject to underlying mortgages of $9.