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Synonyms for notched

notched like a saw with teeth pointing toward the apex

having an irregularly notched or toothed margin as though gnawed

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They then had two chances cleared off the line before Sam Ajayi notched the fourth for the Saints in the last minute.
One component necessary to analyze critically the success of the North Cape restoration program is to obtain independent data on variables related to mortality rate and increased disease susceptibility of notched lobsters, as well as the notch loss resulting from exoskeleton overgrowth.
While no modern whales use their teeth to feed this way, Mitchell notes that the Crabeater seal, which does not eat crabs, has notched teeth that is uses to filter krill and other invertebrates.
For example, a notched knife slitter can be designed to create rubber strip stock from continuous sheets, or milled or extruded rubber stock.
Based on the experimental work on notched specimens of rubber-modified epoxies, Yee et al.
the victory while David Vaudreuil notched the lone Rapids shootout goal.
Sometimes the system allows notched music to be recorded, and sometimes it fails to record music that is not notched.
9) studied the plastic deformation and slip-line fields in notched specimens of pure and rubber-toughened epoxies using the Drucker-Prager yield criterion.
In general terms, preferred issues of institutions with an IDR of 'A-' or higher will be notched once from the IDR.
26-g/cc product with a tensile modulus of 337,000 psi and notched Izod impact strength of 14.
This means that they fall short for the demands of regulators and consumers everywhere from the FCC to the European Commission who require that frequency bands can be selectively notched out, even after the equipment has been deployed.
The first is a high-heat version with Vicat softening temperature of 345 F and notched Izod impact of 1.
It is thus important to find the relationships between the data obtained by tests on uniaxially stressed, notched bars and those obtained by pressure testing of notched and unnotched pipes.