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Synonyms for notched

notched like a saw with teeth pointing toward the apex

having an irregularly notched or toothed margin as though gnawed

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The proposed fatigue damage model [11] is employed in this paper to perform fatigue life predictions of a SAE 1045 notched component under multiaxial loadings.
In order to create band notched behavior within ultra wide band range, two types of resonating structures are embedded in the reference UWB antenna as shown in Figure 1(b).
For comparison, Figure 3(d) shows the current distributions of the original UWB antenna without notched band at 7.
The proposed UWB antenna consists of four U-shaped slots nested together to achieve four notched bands.
The bandwidth and center frequency of the notched bands are the most important parameters of a band-notched antenna.
This article is descriptive in nature to illustrate audiometric configurations, specifically notched audiograms, with veteran sample sizes never before reported.
V-notches were "double-tapped" in the same manner they would be by North Cape observers in the field (notched once, then notched in the same place again a few moments later, to remove any tissue extruding from the wound into the open space).
7 as a predictor of the life time of an externally notched pressurized polyethylene pipe as long as the residual stress is taken into account.
denticrenatus represents a "missing link" that fits somewhere between ancient toothed whales and the first known fossils of the toothless Mysticetes, says Mitchell, who suggests filter feeding in whales first developed in forms with notched teeth.
In this study, a novel UWB monopole antenna with notched band at 3.
By adjusting the dimension of the modified capacitively loaded loop (CLL) resonator located beside the feed line, triple notched bands of the antenna can be achieved easily.
Therefore, a narrow notched band or multi notched bands in the UWB passband is (are) necessary in order to avoid interference that may occur with the existing systems [10-12].
All these shapes are near [lambda]/2 or [lambda]/4 resonant lengths corresponding their notched frequencies, so in band-notched antennas designing procedures, appropriate slotcoupling and resonant length are very important.
The first is a high-heat version with Vicat softening temperature of 345 F and notched Izod impact of 1.
For example, a notched knife slitter can be designed to create rubber strip stock from continuous sheets, or milled or extruded rubber stock.