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someone legally empowered to witness signatures and certify a document's validity and to take depositions

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So he returned; and a while after came the notary to us aboard our ship, holding in his hand a fruit of that country, like an orange, but of colour between orange-tawny and scarlet, which cast a most excellent odour.
The head clerk of a notary in Grenoble heard of these changes.
I showed him all that was sent to me; I told him that, next to the providence of Heaven, which disposed all things, it was owing to him; and that it now lay on me to reward him, which I would do a hundred-fold: so I first returned to him the hundred moidores I had received of him; then I sent for a notary, and caused him to draw up a general release or discharge from the four hundred and seventy moidores, which he had acknowledged he owed me, in the fullest and firmest manner possible.
At first there was a great shaking of hands and shuffling of feet, succeeded by the presentation of the nosegay; for a voice, supposed by the listener to be that of Mr Witherden the Notary, was heard to exclaim a great many times, 'oh, delicious
an occasion indeed, ma'am, an occasion which does honour to me, ma'am, honour to me,' rejoined Mr Witherden, the notary.
It's a happy circumstance, a truly happy circumstance,' said the Notary, 'to happen too upon his eight-and-twentieth birthday, and I hope I know how to appreciate it.
Of course it is, I have no doubt of it,' returned the Notary in a sympathising voice.
Very natural under the circumstances,' observed the Notary.
He had no sixpence, neither had the old lady, nor Mr Abel, nor the Notary, nor Mr Chuckster.
During his years in Italy, however, he became a notary, which in Europe is more like a lawyer than an American notary public.
Jim has been a mail carrier for 26 years and Jan owns a notary business, J&J Unlimited.
As the notary of Buia, Costantino had defended his town's claims for exemption from those feudal bonds in a protracted dispute that lasted long after his lifetime.
LOS ANGELES -- The National Notary Association announced this week that the number of Notaries Public in the United States declined by 9.
30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- N3 Notary, the leading provider of a nationwide network of mobile notaries specializing in Form I-9 compliance for remote hires, today announce Reach Hire, a simple and effective service that enable companies to meet Form I-9 compliance for their remote hires.
com)-- Superior Notary Services, pioneers of the concept, “Mobile Notary Services,” announced today that the company has added a new scheduling platform called, SnapDocs, to their recently redesigned website.