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a Latin phrase (or its abbreviation) used to indicate that special attention should be paid to something


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Second and third in the HQ contest have both won since, so the form looks solid and Nota Bene looks a progressive sort who could be in for a fruitful campaign.
Nota bene Zangrilli come il bestiario pirandelliano, che da questa sagace investigazione risulta vario e stratificato, si arricchisca via via di animali mitici, archetipici, legati alla fiaba e all'immaginario collettivo, e come a questi si giustappongano e si mescolino connotazioni e denotazioni novecentesche tanto composite da creare una suggestiva mitopoiesi, un corollario di nuovi e moderni archetipi.
The Nota Bene section summarizes recent court decisions of note.
It's Alice in Wonderland written by Henry Miller on peyote, an imaginative postmodern fantasy where the protagonist transmogrifies into a spermatozoa swimming up a fallopian tube en route to Goddess Shakti for a little enlightenment, and the trendy new drug "black ice" (Amerika, nota bene, is editor of innovative Black Ice magazine and co-editor of Black Ice Books, as well as director of the fascinating electronic publishing site Alternative-X) is manufactured from the lung tissue of crack addicts.
Steve and Jim both have both spent their careers working separately - Steve at BMP and PHD, Jim at McCann, Ogilvy and Nota Bene - but they have now both have found a natural home for themselves at the WPP media agency, Mediaedge:cia - Steve as joint Managing Director of Mediaedge:cia in the UK, and Jim as Global Director of Communications Planning and also Regional Director of Retail for Europe Middle East and Africa.
Restrictive requirements for candidates is one of the main problems of the current elections campaign to the lower house of parliament of Tajikistan set for March 1, said the results of monitoring conducted by Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law, Tajik Public Fund Nota Bene, and Turkmen Initiative for Human Rights.
be Phone: +32(0)3-213-99-90 / +32(0)3-213-99-96 Spain: NOTA BENE n-gonzalez@notabene.
35 Newmarket Sporting (50:30:20:10) 19-22 Captain Brilliance, 12-15 Redford, 10-13 Giganticus, 7-9 Signor Peltro, Mutheeb, 6-8 Racer Forever, Al Khaleej, 4-6 Plum Pudding, Laa Rayb, Al Muheer, 3-5 Mister Hardy, Headford View, 2-4 Shifting Star, Dhaular Dhar, 1-3 Spanish Bounty, Nota Bene, Joseph Henry, Benandonner, Beaver Patrol, 0.
Interestingly, a Nota Bene, in which Italiano explains that she used "killer whale" for pescecane to be "more in compliance with the established cinema versions of Pinocchio" (237), provides an insight into her approach to translating.
Nota Bene carried all before him in 2004 and 2005 until he never showed when favourite in the 2005 Temple Stakes.
The Nota Bene New York office, located in the Art Deco masterpiece, the Chrysler Building, will provide even greater coverage, information and service for its ever expanding clientele of sophisticated global travelers.
William Hill Sprint Cup betting: William Hill: 6 Soldiers Tale, 8 Ad Valorem, Etlaala, Iffraaj, 10 Somnus, 12 Avonbridge, Damson, 14Indesatchel, 16 Airwave, Balmont, Byron, Camacho, Galeota, 20 Democratic Deficit, Gift Horse, Lafi, Lucky Spin, Nota Bene, Resplendent Glory, 25 bar
As part of its Nota Bene series Yale has also republished: Maurice Keen's Chivalry ([pounds sterling]10.
Audience members will also be able to buy the theatre history that has been written by Anne Moore - as well as being invited to join the Swan's 100 Club for pounds 60 a year, with the chance of prizes up to pounds 500An eight-part Bristol-based vocal ensemble called Nota Bene will be at the Norbury Theatre, Droitwich on June 25.