not guilty

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Synonyms for not guilty

declared not guilty of a specific offense or crime

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You are found not guilty of striking and assaulting Mr.
Enter the plea of not guilty,” said Judge Temple, strongly affected by the simplicity of the prisoner.
This purpose once effected, new interests would immediately spring up, and likewise a new purpose; dark, it is true, if not guilty, but of force enough to engage the full strength of his faculties.
Those who could fled, until at last there were no more to pay the penalty for a deed, which, while not beyond them, they were, nevertheless, not guilty of.
I had a crime charged on me, the punishment of which was death by our law; the proof so evident, that there was no room for me so much as to plead not guilty.
So I find that I must have a partner who is a man of business and not guilty of any inventions,' said Daniel Doyce, taking off his hat to pass his hand over his forehead, 'if it's only in deference to the current opinion, and to uphold the credit of the Works.
He dared not get up and say, "I am not guilty, the whole story is false"--even if he had dared this, it would have seemed to him, under his present keen sense of betrayal, as vain as to pull, for covering to his nakedness, a frail rag which would rend at every little strain.
Jove would instantly leave the Trojans and Achaeans to themselves; he would come to Olympus to punish us, and would grip us up one after another, guilty or not guilty.
Say you were not guilty of any intentional disrespect toward him--and you will say enough.
He was six years old when that crime was committed; he was, therefore, not guilty of it," she replied.
I assure you, prince, I was not guilty of the least--"
There was accusation in her manner, and I shrugged my shoulders in token that I was not guilty of the unknown crime imputed to me.
Ex-colour sergeant John Hardy, 44, was found not guilty of misconduct in a public office over claims he passed information to Mr Larcombe, who was charged with aiding and abetting him.
Street, of Hazelville Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, was remanded in custody after pleading not guilty to making an explosive substance between January and October last year.
Shaun McCumiskey, 34, of Park Road, Wallsend, pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine, as did Paul Nichol, 39, of Norbury Grove, Walker.