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Synonyms for moment

Synonyms for moment

a particular interval of time that is limited and often crucial

Synonyms for moment

at this time

having important effects or influence

a turning force produced by an object acting at a distance (or a measure of that force)

the n-th moment of a distribution is the expected value of the n-th power of the deviations from a fixed value

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Not for one moment do I consider any one of the people on the list guilty with respect to this incident.
Everyone knows that Israel has not for one moment halted the settlement construction, the building of the (separation) wall or the attacks, and nor has it allowed the opening of (Palestinian) institutions in (Arab east) Jerusalem," he complained.
But not for one moment - for many reasons in "Lady Chatterley" - is that future going to be as man and wife.
Do not for one moment think that, because the children are enrolled in a Catholic school, therefore they will be safe.
I do not for one moment wish to deny that in this moment of crisis we need clear and unflinching analysis.
Now I am not for one moment dismissing the energy, effort and dedication of the men and women who want to compete in sport despite their disabilities.
And yet his involvement in the poetry of Wilhelm Muller did not for one moment suggest an athletic virtuoso.
He added that "the Church of England, and the worldwide Anglican Communion, does not for one moment accept that its orders of ministry and eucharist are deficient in any way.
Their intentions, I'm sure, not for one moment included a subtler version of the white man's burden.
Certainly my affection for my English friends and my admiration for their dedication and efficiency did not for one moment diminish my belief in the destiny of the Arab world which Nasser seems to have come closest to realising.
Fortune issued a statement last week on behalf of the leadership of the Church in which she said: "We support the Hunters 100% and we do not for one moment believe the outrageous allegations in the lawsuit filed by Brenda Lamothe.
Lewis might be an expat, but I would not for one moment challenge his Britishness or his attachment to where he has been brought up.
He said: "I do not for one moment resent the robust oversight of our donor partners and if we are serious about retaining public trust and managing large sums of taxpayers' money, then this type of oversight is not only to be expected but to be welcomed.
I'm not for one moment suggesting there aren't cowboys and rogue traders - there always has been and always will be - but it's deeply unfair to make such general sweeping remarks targeting an entire industry.
Not for one moment did they think he would defraud the company.