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Synonyms for nosy

unduly interested in the affairs of others

Synonyms for nosy

offensively curious or inquisitive

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If this is considered nosy, I wont even ask that much.
Nosy Crow books available in audio format include five titles in the Baby Aliens series by Pamela Butchart that have been narrated by comedienne Susan Calman.
The airline re-introduced flights between Johannesburg and Nosy Be in Madagascar, on 20th March.
The tragedy happened some 300 kilometers off Nosy Be on Wednesday evening, when the speed boat Vas-Y was transporting 19 illegal immigrants to Mayotte, APMF General Director Jean Hubert Zipa said Thursday morning.
Both France and Italy have urged their citizens on Nosy Be to remain vigilant and to say indoors at night.
islet Nosy Hara might have favoured the extreme miniaturisation found in Brookesia micra,'' the researchers write.
99) It's been an exciting 12 months for Nosy Crow, the publishing company that launched just over a year ago.
Marwa Al-Ghamdi, a 46-year-old mother of six, was accused of being a nosy neighbor when she complained about a restaurant in the street.
Printed books will continue to exist because it is important that young children touch, feel and experience the physical object,' according to Kate Wilson Managing Director of the newly launched UK publishing house Nosy Crow.
Jetlink A Jetlink CRJ aircraft was detained on arrival in Madagascar last Friday, when landing at Nosy B,e an island located off the northwest coast of Madagascar, to reportedly fly an Italian airline crew back to Kenya.
You can also enjoy it for Myrtle Clover's frequent collisions with nosy talky Edna Sherman.
This new series sees the gorgeous brunette spend 24 hours with the A-list, poking around their mansions, taking a dip in their pools and generally just having a good old nosy.
Nosy neighbours are not the solution to street crime The only answer is more properly trained police who get on with their jobs while we attempt to get on with our lives.
Nosy units do not have to be either custom built or incur the costs and lead times traditionally associated with producing POP units.
Realize wig looks like crap, blame paparazzi for being nosy.