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Synonyms for nostrum

Synonyms for nostrum

an agent used to restore health

Synonyms for nostrum

hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases

patent medicine whose efficacy is questionable

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The phasing of the payments allow for a continued preservation of cash on Nostrums balance sheet during this period of low oil prices.
These nostrums are produced under unsanitary conditions and, according to De Smet [5], are capable of producing serious adverse reactions.
in health began to shift away from patent nostrums to preventive approaches such as hydropathy and to an increasing number of books and scientific pamphlets focused on individual bodies.
But she said the drug combination helped her shed weight after she had tried a wide range of diet nostrums.
The antiseptic of disclosure was applied to the venomous and noxious nostrums she provoked.
Some have been proved to be nostrums of questionable worth.
This update is being issued in advance of the release of Nostrums audited and consolidated accounts for the same period.
The jury's still out on Brazil's new leader, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, but if he holds to the moth-eaten socialist nostrums that built his cult of personality, Brazilians can look forward to the kind of financial security not seen since Pele signed up with the New York Cosmo's.
This is not one of those books with a handful of nostrums about dairy products that is meant to be read in an evening and applied the next day.
Not surprisingly, pundits have taken to their hobby horses in the wake of these results, venting their pet peeves with the educational system and trumpeting favorite reform nostrums.
But take a normal course on logic and you are likely to be dozed to sleep with melatonin-laced nostrums like non sequitur, if p then q, and syllogistic fallacies.
Strapped for funds, these countries accepted the free-market nostrums peddled by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank,